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Montreal Trip to Toronto for Canada Peru


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I am trying to organize a trip to Toronto for those interested in seeing the international friendly match between Canada and Peru at 5:30 pm Sept. 4th, BMO Stadium.

Tickets: If we do a group order of 10 or more, tickets will cost $22 each. If we do a smaller or individual orders they will be $24 each. If you want to order your tickets individually look for the threads on this forum with instructions about how to do so. However, it is easier for everyone if we can do it together, have them mailed to me and I can distribute the tickets at an Impact game.

Transportation: Priced several options and it seems like bus would be the cheapest. If we book early enough, Megabus charges $19 for a one way trip to Toronto, if we wait longer it rises to $29. The trip is about 6.5 hours. Renting vehicles would be possible but it is hard to beat this price even if you have a car and were only paying for gas. We would leave on the 7:30 am bus and arrive in Toronto at 14:20. Those who don't want to pay for a hotel could take either the 9 pm or 12:30 am bus back to Montreal. Those staying overnight have many different return times to choose from.

Accomodations: There are some pretty cheap accomodation possibilities in Toronto. One possibility is a Howard Johnson's which is within walking distance of BMO which has rooms with 2 double beds that could be split between 2, 3 or 4 people for $116 including taxes. There are also many other possibilities. Once we know how many people are going and who is staying overnight we can firm up our accomodation plans.

Anyone interested in going, please post here or talk with me at 99 or in 114.

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I'm in +1

Whats wrong with the Pink Impact jerseys?? Duane Rollins said it was ok ;)

ha. Mediaguy probably lost a bet and was forced to wear one and pretend he liked it. None the less come out and join with us against Peru. We hope to have a united southeast section full of supporters

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