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CSL 2010 Week 8

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Result of the Friday June 25, 2010 CSL game between Serbian White Eagles vs London City played at Centennial Stadium at 8:00pm.

2 min...SWE Milos Scepanovic GOAL...A SWE player passes from the left just inside the box, another SWE player taps the ball over from the right and Scepanovic turns and cuts 15 yard shot up middle into top left corner of net.

20 min...City own GOAL...SWE Shawn Brown eludes defender tugging on his shirt on the left side of the box on his run and he rolls a pass back into the center of box. City Estevao Franco slides to block ball and his his legs spear ball from 8 yards into right corner of net just inside post beyond diving goalie.

25 min...SWE Milos Scepanovic 30 yard freekick from the right has defender block ball just inside box off his arm. Referee Matthew Arduini calls a Penalty kick.

26 min...SWE Milos Scepanovic GOAL...Scepanovic Penalty kick is blasted into center right of net over flying goalie Scott Mueller.

90 min...SWE Sasa Viciknez GOAL...Viciknez is fed a pass from 50 yards forward to him rushing up the left wing and he takes it himself on a 2 on 1 break and rolls 15 yard shot under goalie inside the right post.

Final Score:.......Serbian White Eagles............4....................London City....................0.............

Attendance was about 175 on this warm evening with the sun in the north west for the first half. I didn't notice any of the Serb Ultras out tonight.

White Eagles got off to a dream start--having the game wrapped up at the 30 minute mark. The rest of the game was more even. A limping Milos Scepanovic was replaced at 42 minutes after being injured by a Yellow card drawing Stuart Wright check five minutes earlier. It looked like White Eagles changed five players at halftime. They have a game two nights from now as 'visitors' to their greatest rivals Toronto Croatia right here at this stadium. They probably wanted to

rest a few players and also the game was quite chippy and quite a few Yellow cards were given up.

Milos Kocic earned the shutout for White Eagles while mostly making saves from 20 yards out or further. A great defence of Taylor Lord, Mark Jankovic, Mirko Medic, and Milos Vucinic limited the chances for City to get close enough to the net to be too dangerous.

The crowd was amused by the SWE players setting up the speedy Shawn Brown but his attempts were mostly off target. His chances were set up by City pressing to get back into the game and brought about some good end to end action in the second half.

This was only only the fifth game of the season for both these teams with some teams playing twice as many games. White Eagles are now starting to move up the standings with a 3-1-1 record.

This game was recorded by Rogers Community channel for broadcast at 8:00pm on Saturday night (right opposite the Toronto FC game). It would be funny to see Milos Kocic get any playing time for Toronto FC in goal.

Rocket Robin


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I just caught the Montreal Impact Academy vs York Region Shooters game at Saputo Stadium (Saturday June 26).

Final score: York Region Shooters 1 Montreal Impact Academy 0

Attendance was about 100-125 people. York played well the entire game. Forward Kadian Lecky (no. 11) scored in the 15th minute when he went around MIA goalie Maxime Crepeau(who had dropped to the ground to try and stop him) and scored. Both teams played very spirited soccer. York tried to double the lead in the first half but had a hard time finishing. In the second half MIA went all out to try and tie the game. They got a couple of great opportunities especially by substitute Hussain Awada who got a couple of shots on goal. The last 10 minutes were pretty crazy with a couple of yellow cards including one to York keeper Yasuto Hoshiko for time wasting. In stoppage time MIA keeper Maxime Crepeau went to the centre to help in the attack but was forced to trip a York player who was alone on the breakaway. Result, red card for Crepeau. One of the defencemen went in goal for the last few seconds( I think it was no. 12 Karl Ouimette but I am not sure).

Overall , solid game from both teams. The young players played their hearts out which was nice to see.

A couple of random notes:

Awada was for me the best player for MIA. For York I was very impressed by midfielders Mario Orestano (no. 10) and Desmond Humphrey (no. 77). York did not have a backup keeper on the bench but listed Rick Titus (!) as a sub. He did not come on.

Here are the starting lineups and subs(I did not note who came on for who, sorry)

MIA: 40 Maxime Crepeau (GK), 12 Karl Ouimette, 21 Bonheur Aubey, 24 FrancescoAugustin, 2 Bastien Bourgault, 34 Kevin Ouidio Luarca-Echeverria, 23 Kevin Cossette, 5 Dominique Morin, 3 Alessandro Riggi, 7 Yannick Rome-Gosselin, 28 Anthony Jackson-Hamel. Subs:1 Maximilien Carle (GK), 6 Hugo Lapointe-Senecal, 15 Maxime Tissot, 8 Diederot Nana, 17 Hussien Awada, 18 Gillaume Heroux, 19 Armel Dagrou

I can tell you that Tissot, Nana, Awada and Heroux came on but I don't remember if there were other changes.

York: 0 Yasuto Hoshiko (GK), 22 Geron Duporte, 4 marcelo Capazzola, 8 Chris Turner, 6 Fitzroy Christey, 77 Desmond Humphrey, 21 Darryl Gomez, 19 Julio Garcia, 10 Mario Orestano, 11 Kadian Lecky, 9 Jason De Thomasis. Subs: 13 Aundrae Rollins, 18 Nick Cisternino, 5 Nico Martinez, 17 Mathew O'Connor, 2 Rick Titus, 20 Zeiko Irons.

I remember Martinez coming on and I believe Cisternino also came on but I don't remember the rest.

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Big Win by Milltown FC last night. very entertaining match too.

We had a 3-0 lead, came off the gas pedal just long enough to give up 2 quick goaks but rallied and got a 4th goal before giving up a 94th minute freek kick bomb to finally win 4-3.

MFC goals by Erick Olazabal, Agustin DeMedina, Gersi Xhuti and Range Hussein

We'll have the full game report with pics up on the Milltown FC website late tonight or tomorrow morning.

On a seperate note, we've got the unenviable task of hosting 6 straight weeks of home games. As you can appreciate, it can be challenging to draw a crowd 6 weeks in a row.

If any local area V's have been thinking about coming out to a Milltown FC match, we would really appreciate it if people consider coming out to one of our next 5 home matches.

The dates in question are:

July 2

July 9

July 16

July 23

We've got the beginnings of a little supporter section happening, thanks to a local RPB and his family that are doing a great job of supporting the squad and making some noise. If anyone from this forum is interested in joining them, please do not hesitate to email or PM me.

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^ we've done it a couple of times already this season. Fortunately, our guys are very fit and they continue to gel as a squad.

Obviously, its not ideal to have to play 2 games in 3 days, but we'll deal with it. Our coaches and players will be ready

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We should set up something for the Milltown FC game the day after the Canada-Peru game cause there will probably be lots of out of town Voyageurs in Toronto that day who would be more than happy to support a fellow Voyageur ;)

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By the way, Milltown FC vaults into 2nd place in the CSL standings with a big 4-2 victory over North York Astros today at Esther Shiner Stadium.

I'm working on a game report for www.milltownfc.com

the game report for our game on Friday night is going to get posted to our website this evening.

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What type of attendance are you getting for your home games?

We've averaged about 300 per game after the first three games. We'd like to be around 400-500 per game so we're going to keep working at it to create more awareness for the club and the high quality of CSL soccer. Its very gratifying when we see the same faces coming back week after week because they are enjoying themselves and the like the product on the field. Now we need to get more people out for the first time.

Also, the better we do, the more attention that will inevitably be given to our team so this 5 game undefeated streak is hopefully going to start paying dividends. The local media has been very supportive so now we are going to try to translate that into even more people in the stands.

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I don't know if it's the right idea for you guys but literally giving away tickets can help, if you have an empty spot anyway and you give it away, your loss is nothing and you might make a fan. But it is kinda a slap in the face to the people who paid, I think the best way to get it done might be to give away a ticket pack to local business, the owner pretends he bought them (so no one feels screwed) and disperses them to people in his company who say to anyone who asks 'oh my boss bought them and gave them to some of us as a reward'.

This also helps in a silly little bit of human nature, people prefer crowds and success usually, it's odd but an empty stadium usually keeps people away instead of inspiring them to help out (usually).

this might not be the solution for you guys but maybe if you knew you were going to have a poor showing attendance wise it might be a good idea, and if your not completly sold out you could hand out a few tickets here and there as donated prizes to local events and raffles just to get your name out there, as long as your not sold out and no one breaks anything you've lost nothing.

edit: the impact have done something similar to this before I beleive, but obviously on a much bigger scale

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Result of the Sunday June 27,2010 CSL game between North York Astros and Milltown FC played at Esther Shiner Stadium in North York at 3:45pm.

21 min...Milltown Eros Olazabal GOAL...MFC Eros Olazabal 20 yard shot from right is into left corner of net beyond flying goalie Ryan Zamora.

38 min...Milltown Agustin De Medina GOAL...DeMedina takes short cornerkick from left. MFC Martijn Kuijpers taps ball back to him and he bends low 20 yard shot from left into right corner of net.

46 min (first half)...Astros Mahyar Kohbad GOAL...Astros Erik Grigore sends low cross from 20 yards on right through defenders. Kohbad has time to set ball and kick 7 yarder into roof of net over goalie Scott Cliff.

50 min...Milltown Martijn Kuijpers GOAL...MFC Agustin De Medina cornerkick from left is short and Kuijpers takes 15 yard shot from left into right corner of net.

77 min...Milltown Thierry Mangwa-Batomen GOAL...MFC Erik Olazabal cornerkick from left has Mangwa-Batomen head 6 yarder down middle just under bar.

87 min...Astros Mahyar Kohbad GOAL...Kohbad takes low 10 yard shot up the middle inside the right post.

Final Score:........North York Astros.............2.................Milltown FC...............4.............

Attendance was about 40 on this hot, humid day with a hazy sun in the West but by the last ten minutes of the game, it was raining.

Milltown forward Gersi Xhuti played for the Astros last year and was an early signing when the city got their franchise.

Manuel Orellano was the referee and as a rarity in CSL games, there were no Yellow or Red cards given out this game.

I can only remember Milltown taking three cornerkicks but scoring on two rehearsed plays is a high success rate. The third one was more standard and had a leaping Astros defender head over his own net just before their goal at 50 minutes.

Astros are one of the few teams in the league that give out a program at the game but today it didn't make sense as to keep an edge they decided to change numbers before the game. Milltown FC seems to follow a tradition I remember

a coach of Toronto Croatia did years ago by having all his starters wear numbers 1 to 11. That meant half their team didn't match the program neither. Lucky I had access to an official gamesheet so I could sort out the goal scorers.

Milltown FC has twin brothers Erik and Eros Olazabal on their team. Eros plays as a forward while Erik is a midfielder. They both played for TFC Academy last year but became too 'old' for the team as their program provides a system like the movie 'Logan's Run' getting rid of older players so they can stay a teenage team. With the MLS having no reserve league any longer, that's a huge jump to make to latch on to the pro team. Players like the brothers are free to join other CSL teams and play against TFC Academy. I asked the brothers if they go to school. Yes! to Brooklynville College in New York City. They can answer questions at the same time. Fun! I was talking to Milltown exec Lino Terra in the parking lot about something I wrote the other time I've seen their team this season about a reluctance to use their substitutes. I hadn't realized that caused a misunderstanding. Now off topic I realized the CSL schedule extends with playoffs to near the end of October but school starts in September. It's unsure if the brothers will leave on time for the next semester or stay with the team.

Milltown moves to second in the standings. This was a rare road game for them in a flock of home games in which they can consolidate their position. Astros are still above a .500 record and are having their best start in many years.

The rain would get a lot worse later and eventually led to the cancellation of the Toronto Croatia vs Serbian White Eagles later in the evening but not until I drove all the way out to Centennial Stadium after supper. Two games a day was

enough anyway (I'd been to the PDL Toronto Lynx vs Indiana Invaders earlier in the afternoon).

Rocket Robin


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^ Thanks for the report. Any word from those in the know (VPjr, RR, et al.), about the CSL allstar game? Is it still likely to be against the Vitoria, the visiting Brazilian team? Also anyone word on the revised website that was promised in the preseason press conference?

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Good Report RR....in my excitement cheering, I missed some of the details you picked up so I need to edit our own game report slightly

BurgerKing....the new CSL website is literally days away. From what I understand, they are in the homestretch now and it should go live very soon.

There is no news to report regarding the CSL All Star game at this point

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^ Thanks for the update regarding the site. The content on the existing site has been better much improved, particularly in terms of the match reports. I'm looking forward to the updated site though, as the existing version looks a little tired. Sorry to hear that there's no news on the All Star game front.

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