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  1. Hi, I have been away from this group for a long time. I have some Ottawa Intrepid lineups for 3 games in 1990. Do you want me to send them to you? (You already used my Ottawa Intrepid game program from June 3rd, 1990 and my Montreal Supra program showing the Supra playing the Intrepid in 1990 that I posted in this thread a few years back. It isn`t a problem, just saying) Let me know about the lineups. Great website by the way.
  2. I haven't been following any soccer for the last year or so. I got back into it for the WWC and Gold Cup. My two cents based on the performances at the Gold Cup: The team has improved big time and there are some genuine scorers that can make a difference. This being said, the fact that we were not able to beat Mexico and the collapse against Haiti shows me that we are not there. We have improved big time but so has most of Concacaf. WCQ: Let's be honest, we had very little chance to make the Hex under the old system. I like this new qualifying system. It rewards the top teams. Unfortunately, we are not one of the top teams. We will only qualify for the World Cup when we can beat teams like Mexico and the USA. We are certainly not there yet. Nations League will be a good test and I hope we will get a result against the USA. I don't realistically think we will but I hope we play better than we are. That is my two cents after being away from the game for a while and looking at things in a more realistic way. Canada is not a top football nation at this time and we have to lower our expectations.
  3. Thanks for the information about the keepers. I was pretty sure Shel Brodsgaard was standing but I wanted to make sure. Sorry, I should have posted the list of players that accompanies this picture: Shel Brodsgaard Rob Merkyl Enzo Concina Patrick Diotte Peter Gilfillan John Paul Knezevic Peter Sarantopoulos Kevin Holness Lyndon Hooper Domenic Mobilio George Mrscic Norm Odinga Kevin Riley Carlo Corazzin Nick Gilbert Rick Jasken Rob Csabai The player with the fist in the air is Dominic Mobilio. I believe it is Carlo Corrazin who is sitting to the right of keeper Rob Merkyl and then next to Corrazin is Kevin Holness. As someone pointed out, Patrick Diotte is fourth from the right standing . Lyndon Hooper is standing next to Shel Brodsgaard. I have heard of several of the others but I can`t say for sure who is who.
  4. Hello all, I found this picture on the Canadsoccer web site of the Gold medal winning Canadian side at the 1989 Francophone games. I can identify some players but not all. I am mostly interested in knowing which goalkeeper is which. The 3 goalkeepers that participated are Craig Forrest (who had left after the first 2 games and is therefore not in the picture), Shel Brodsgaard and Rob Merkyl. Which one of these is standing and which is seated? Thanks
  5. Here are programs from 1990: An Ottawa Intrepid one and a Montreal Supra one. Enjoy
  6. mlssoccer.com lists the Impact`s playoff probability at 4% after the loss to Minnesota: https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2017/09/17/playoff-probabilities-every-mls-team-after-week-28 About 3 weeks ago they were at around 38%.. Time to think about next year...
  7. Thanks for the info. I was not aware of the UWS. A quick search reveals that there are a lot of former W-league and WPSL teams in that league. Sad that women's soccer in Canada has come to this.
  8. Hi all, I have been away from the soccer scene for a while and I have a question: Since the W-league folded, what women's teams exist in Canada? Is it just the two BC teams in the WPSL and the teams in League1 Ontario? Are there others?
  9. My two cents: Exciting team to watch. Have not seen this speed and poise in a long time (if ever). I was thinking back to previous Gold Cups: Do you remember when Kevin McKenna had to play forward because there was no one available (2002 I believe). That seems like an eternity ago. We have many young aggressive forwards who can score now. We are a tad sloppy in defense but the team plays together and everyone pitches in. Loved what Borjan had to say at the end of the game. These guys believe! Best players last night: take your pick: Borjan, Arfield(my choice), Piette, Davies I hate to end on a negative note but Jackson-Hamel looked lost out there. I don't think we will see much more of him in the tournament.
  10. I am quite surprised nobody posted this: http://www.canadasoccer.com/wilkinson-tancredi-and-nault-announce-retirements-p160328 A trio of Canada Soccer heroes will hang up their boots after international careers that included back-to-back Olympic bronze medals in London and Rio. The three Canadian soccer stars - Rhian Wilkinson, Melissa Tancredi, and Marie-Eve Nault - will all be honoured this 4 February 2017 at Canada Soccer's Bronze Medal Celebration Match in Vancouver. "On behalf of Canada Soccer, we thank these three players for their years of commitment and dedication and wish them nothing but the best in the future," said Peter Montopoli, Canada Soccer General Secretary. "They have helped Canada Soccer's Women's National Team become our country's most celebrated summer Olympic team sport of all time. For our fans, our Bronze Medal Celebration Match in Vancouver provides us all with one more chance to say thank you to these incredible women." Wilkinson (Pointe-Claire, QC), Tancredi (Ancaster, ON), and Nault (Trois-Rivières, QC) are all CONCACAF champions, FIFA Women's World Cup finalists, and Olympic bronze medal winners. The three players combined to represent Canada in 374 international matches. "These women are leaders, role models and ambassadors for this game; they have driven this team to success in their own unique ways and we will miss them immensely," said John Herdman, Canada Soccer's Women's National Team Head Coach. "Their achievements on the pitch speak for themselves. They dedicated their life to this team and I’m just fortunate to have had the chance to work with them. This isn’t the end for these women. I genuinely believe it is just the beginning and I’m excited to see what else they are going to achieve in their lives”. Wilkinson has made 180 appearances for Canada from 2003 to 2016, including four straight FIFA Women's World Cups. She played (and won medals) in six CONCACAF championships and played in three Olympic Games. Alongside winning a CONCACAF title and two Olympic bronze medals, she won a Norwegian Toppserien league title at the professional level in 2012. A two-time winner of Sport Québec's Le Maurice, she also won Québec Soccer's professional or senior player of the year six times. In 2012, she was named to Canada Soccer's All-Time Canada XI. Tancredi had made 124 appearances for Canada from 2004 to 2016, including three FIFA Women's World Cup finals. She played (and won medals) in six CONCACAF championships and played in three Olympic Games. From an international career that has counted 27 goals, she scored the winner that qualified Canada for both the Beijing 2008 and London 2012 Olympic Games. In 2012, she won the Golden Horseshoe Athlete of the Year. Both Wilkinson and Tancredi will dress one last time for Canada on 4 February 2017 against Mexico. Of note, Wilkinson is ranked third all time amongst Canadian in international appearances while Tancredi is ranked fifth all time amongst Canadians in goals scored. Together on the pitch at London 2012, they combined for one Canada's most important goals in the group phase against Sweden, with Wilkinson providing an electrifying run down the right before her cross was headed home by Tancredi. The entire sequence moved through six Canadian players, with Nault providing the initial pass in the build up. Nault made 70 appearances for Canada from 2004 to 2016, including the FIFA Women's World Cup in 2011 and 2015. She won a CONCACAF championship in 2010 and Olympic bronze medals in 2012 and 2016. She was Québec Soccer's junior elite player of the year in 1997 and professional player of excellence in 2014. Canada Soccer's Bronze Medal Celebration match is 4 February 2017 at BC Place. Tickets to the home match in Vancouver are on sale now via canadasoccer.com/tickets starting at just $20 (plus applicable fees). A special ME+3 discount offer on ticket four-packs is available in select sections while groups of 10 or more are eligible for discounts of up to 30% off regularly priced tickets. In addition, BC Place Club Seats are available for fans looking for a premium match day experience and include a complimentary Canada Soccer scarf with each ticket.
  11. I noticed that the WPSL will have a team in Vancouver (NSGSC) this year: http://www.wpsl.info/team/index.php?tid=250 Any one know anything about this team?
  12. The Seattle Sounders Women, New Jersey Wildcats, Washington Spirit Academy(previously known as the Braddock Road Stars Elite), Washington Spirit Reserves and Dayton Dutch Lions are all joining the WPSL: http://www.soccerwire.com/news/business-news/five-former-usl-w-league-teams-join-wpsl-including-2015-champions/
  13. Joey Saputo was pretty pissed in his interview. I also think the Impact (and MLS) were not willing to release him because it would set a precedent which they wanted to avoid at all costs. Drogba is going to go through the motions this year. I don`t think it will be good for team chemistry. This is what happens when you pin all your hopes on a 37 year old player. If/when he leaves, you have nothing as a backup. The Impact lived the same thing with Di Vaio. They have to start grooming players from their academy and let them play. I certainly hope Crepeau gets a chance this year. He has been with the team forever and has never had a chance to play.
  14. Very happy to see a lot of young players getting their chance but what in the hell is Melissa Tancredi doing there? I saw three players on Canada AM this morning talking about being selected. Great to see that.
  15. This is sad news but I'm really not surprised. The W-league was an amateur league that was important when there were no pro women's leagues around but it has lost its raison-d'être since then. The NWSL is doing very well and expanding to Orlando next season. Beyond that there is the 2nd tier WPSL which has the USA covered with 92 teams. There was no need for another 2nd tier league especially one that was changing its teams every single year. The biggest problem with the disappearance of the W-league is that there will be many Canadian women who will simply not have a place to play. Too bad.
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