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Mexico/Haiti pre and in-game thread

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quote:Originally posted by Obinna


i missed this game, which i am pissed about, but reading the thread was more than worth while.

but damn, i had trouble just reading that. I cant even imagine watching.

and was there actually a 3-0 break missed by the mexicans? lol no way...

It looked more like a 5-0, no shot ball goes wide crossed back in for a header just barely saved by the haitian keeper.

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Mexican BigSoccer Comments:

Thank you very much Hugo. It was nice... don't let the door hit your asss on the way out.

HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH I can't believe it, I don't know what to do either laugh or be sad. If you can score those goals like that then yea we didn't deserve to go to the olympics.

Disgrace, simply disgrace. Our National team is a plane crash and Hugo is the pilot taking us down.

Santiago and Landin should be banned from professional futbol. These guys are just pathetic. I can see the team being coached differently, etc. etc. but no coach can help these two guys better their scoring abilities.. They SUCK.

A game in which we could've won 20-0 (literally) we win 5-1 and are out of the qualifiers. I cant even blame Hugo for this game completely this is all on Fernandez, Landin, Esqueda, and even Villaluz. Haiti's defense, I dont even know if I can call it that, was the definition of TERRIBLE and our forwards managed to be worse. Applaud the Haiti goalkeeper performences for not giving up.

I almost threw up after the whistle.

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Having not seen either of the games last night. I'm wouldn't use the word 'classic' but what a game!. Canada beat Guatemala 5:0 then having to wait for Mexico to go on and win 5:1. I'm just pleased Mexico have missed out for a change ;)

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