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octavio maginnis castro

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He was one of our U-17s last year, right?

Mentioned by SCF08 here: http://www.canadian-soccer.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=13829

Found a couple of recent forum posts about him:

"Octavio is a Canadian-born central midfielder with great energy and technical ability. Has experience of playing in Mexico."

Under previous clubs it says "Atlas in Gualajara"


and some supporter gossip about him here:


"yer he is playing in holland now

my mate plays for the youth team and said he wasnt in the team anymore and one day anounced on the bus that he was leaving and good luck to everyone"

"Wasn't able to get a work permit or something along those lines."

Apparently he plays under the name Tavinho now. Brazilian (Mexican??) Canadian, perhaps??

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quote:Originally posted by Bill Ault

loyola - you don't actually trust the CSA site to be accurate do you? :D


I've written so many times in the past to correct their numerous mistakes about players but I have to admit that the new database on players is impressive, they've done a good job. You can know who played 18 min in an U-20 friendly in 1979 against Italia Shooters....

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I used to play with Octavio. Not only on our  junior high/high school  teams but also our club teams here in Alberta where we grew up, his mom is Mexican and his dad is white (unsure of nationality) spent a lot of time with him during those times. Great midfielder and forward, I was the sweeper, I had lots of assists with him as my mid/forward. He and I were team captains. When he moved from I believe edenborough I think is who he went to. He went onto DJ and has made music, after that he has become a body builder. 

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