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Money. Most of our top players play in Europe and it would cost the CSA a lot to

get them over for a friendly in North America, or to pay to get everyone together.

It's less difficult for UEFA teams, in terms of distance, cost, and logistics.

I'm sure we could get a "B" friendly arranged, but most N.A.-based are still in season,

and yes the CSA doesn't have the extra money for this.

And yes the players appreciate the break, as Richard mentioned above.

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Teams like Australia, Ghana, Jamaica etc (even Brazil and Argentina) have all played games in London, England; makes it easier to get there European-based players together for international week.

Surely this isn't out of the realm of possibility? Somewhere like Loftus Road (QPR's stadium), Fulham's ground -- wherever a home game isn't being played that weekend.

C'mon CSA, please tell me you've at least looked into this kind of thing...

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