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  1. I Know that ADO Den Haag,NAC,FC Groningen en fc Twente are interesting in De Jong. I Know that this wednesday Roda play against PSV for the dutch cup,en there will be scouts from england,en Italie He is playing this year ferry well,he is not gonna stay with Roda Jc
  2. De Jong is the last monts the best player from Roda Jc The offerd him a new tree years contract but Marcel wont sign. He wants to go to a other club maby outside Holland
  3. Marcel De Jong win 2 0 over Nac Breda played 90 min was named man of the math
  4. where is DE JONG one of the best left backs,in holland he is the only left back for team canada is verry fast and has a perfect shot WHY is dale not using him??
  5. Thank you for all the advice hope we see a good came
  6. Yes iam related to Marcel iam his dad, This time its a little to faraway for us to go with him.
  7. I hope there is here somone who can tell me if we here in europe can watch the game,on tuesday against the south afrian team,here in holland.?? mausidejong@hotmail.com
  8. mausi


    in europe is no competion last 4days en the coming week, why is there no came planned ,most players are free .special for all the canadien players here in europe
  9. Why is marcel de jong not there with the team. is annybody contact him??? in holland hy is playing verry wel.i think the team can really need him.
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