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The CSA announces agreement with ADIDAS


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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Canadian Soccer Association announces groundbreaking agreement with adidas Canada Limited

The CSA confirms a second partnership with FIFA Global Partner

Ottawa, Ontario - The Canadian Soccer Association (CSA) is pleased to announce that adidas Canada Limited and the CSA have entered into a new 5 year groundbreaking agreement.

This new agreement not only provides financial support but will ensure that the CSA and its National Teams will be equipped with leading edge adidas footwear and apparel by conducting product testing events that are unique to the industry.

These events will allow the CSA National Teams to test adidas soccer product and guarantee the best product and fit for the players. The product testing events will be open to the public and will provide an opportunity for soccer fans to come and meet National Team players and participate in product testing themselves.

The sponsorship positions adidas as a Primary Level Partner for all of Canada’s National Soccer Teams, as well as an Associate Level position for grass roots and elite development events. As one of six FIFA Global Partners, the renewal allows for a seamless integration and strong synergies between adidas, FIFA and the CSA on all soccer activities.

adidas, the global brand leader for soccer, has been a proud supporter of Canadian soccer, and a long time partner of the Canadian Soccer Association for well over 20 years

'adidas has committed to making new and very significant investments and contributions to Canadian soccer that will impact all areas of CSA programming,' said CSA COO, Kevan Pipe 'This renewed partnership, with an entirely new and higher level of support, will provide the CSA with new tools to achieve its objectives, both on and off the field. We are very pleased that the adidas Canada Limited will continue to support the efforts and achievements of our players and programs.'

“We are pleased to extend our relationship with the Canadian Soccer Association.Our strategy is to support and grow the sport of soccer in Canada. Extending our partnership with the CSA solidifies our strategic direction and compliments our soccer portfolio which includes FIFA, MLS and an extensive nationwide grass roots program,' said Jeff Cooper, Director, Marketing & Communications, adidas Canada.'We look forward to working with the CSA on all of their programs and we are very excited about the upcoming FIFA U20 World Cup and all of the benefits it will bring to Canadian Soccer.'

The Canadian Soccer Association electronic newsletter is getting a face lift!

Canadian Soccer Members and Fans will be receiving frequent updates on Canadian Soccer news via the 'Adidas Boot Room' – Stay tuned!

FIFA U-20 World Cup Canada 2007 – It’s gonna be huge

In 2007, the world’s biggest game is coming to Canada. Canada will host the World’s finest under-20 players in six cities across the country – Victoria, Burnaby, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal –June 30 - July 22, 2007.

The biennial event is second only to the FIFA World Cup™ in size and scope and will showcase the most talented under-20 soccer players in the world. The tournament has been the coming-out party for some of the game’s top players - Maradona, Saviola, Raúl, Marco Van Basten, Luis Figo, Ruiz Costa, Thierry Henry, Adriano, Roberto Carlos, Bebeto and Dunga as well as Canada’s Craig Forrest and many members of the current Men’s World Cup Team including Julian de Guzman, Paul Stalteri, Atiba Hutchinson and Iain Hume.

Last held in CONCACAF in 1983 in Mexico, Canada’s most recent participation in this event occurred last June in the Netherlands from June 10 - July 2, 2005.

Canada enjoyed it’s its best ever finish in a World Championship in December 2003, losing to eventual silver medalist Spain on a golden goal in the quarter finals in the United Arab Emirates.

For more information regarding the FIFA U-20 World Cup Canada 2007, please visit www.FIFA.com.

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Yap just read it as well. Great news.I wonder how our friend Robert will react to this. I guess Kevan is doing an amazing job for soccer and all of us.The Fifa u-20 WC, the stadium, Toronto FC,the partnership with MLSE, ,the MLS membership,CBC,Adidas,the CIBC,just to name a few.Mindboggling stuff.

Hey Robert what do you think, hey Robert are you still there?

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quote:Originally posted by analyst

How much is the CSA getting for each of the 5 years? I'll guess at it and say the CSA will get $750,000 over 5 years.

Probably more, but considering the MNT budget a few years ago was

only $800K (that's apparently for everything), this is in the right

step. Considering the U20s, the Adidas money is probably significant.

You gotta give credit for the CSA for getting this done, as well as

the CBC deal. More exposure, more money can only help in the

development. Besides, I don't really see any other sponsor lining up.

Who's next? Nutella? ;)

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most of it should have been taken care 20 yrs ago.

you are acting as if the Kevin Pipe and the CSA was given that responsibility a yr or so ago

when you put it in 20 yr retrospective and the potential,competent association would have all that in place and move to better things a decade or so ago.

short changed soccer has been in this country by the CSA.

that is a far cry from where soccer should be by now in this country.

$750K that probably less than Kevin Pipe's 5 yrs salary and expenses alone.

when there is a biding war between the CBC and the private network to cover various canadian national teams then credit can go to the CSA.

CBC went after a quality product that sells and profitable not the crap that the CSA put on the field and have the nerve brand as soccer.

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Guys for umpteen years we have or I should say I have been suffering this incredable ignorance by the media. Soccer is no one in the world but here who knows. Is the world all f.... up or who.Many people are trying to bring us into the real world.A very excting and very very creative world.Last sunday I was watching the NFL and suddenly I realized that the level of creativety was zilch. Nothing at all. We human beimgs need creativety so i wondered why do we like this NFL so much. Well I guess the betting and the stupid simplicity is the answer.Whatever, we have major sports in North america that have no creativity at all.

Soccer is totally the opposite. Full of creativity and decision making as well as pure thoughts, coming from the real bottom of your souls. How much deeper can you get.

Ok I am preaching to the converted,Am I

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true there is a lot more creativity in soccer.

but the way our various national team plays creativity is non existant.

and that what is terribly wrong with the CSA product that was suppose to the best what Canada has to offer and yet time and time again they managed to turn people off and has been doing so for decades.

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Hey Richard it seems to me that life is also all about creativity.It is happening every minute of your day. A onstant barrage of information all based upon creative minds no matter how boring.These games have nothing to offer. just a bunch of meat that is told to do the same thing over and over again.All by the playbook,based upon the destruction of the other team.Even hockey now seems to be lacking this creativity.It is a shame that this is hapening and yes even baseball lacks that excitement of creativity.

I don't even know how you could be creative in baseball.

I wonder how our soccer kids would stack up in relation to playing time,decision making,creativity and overall pure body skills.

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quote:Originally posted by cfof

Not uninterruptedly though... I'm pretty sure they were with a supplier named "Score" briefly during and around 1993.

I just consulted with my trusty video of Canada v Brazil from 1994 in Edmonton (Brazil's last pre-World Cup match) and we are indeed wearing kits made by some company named Score. I think we wore those same ones when we were in qualifying for USA '94 too, at least when we were beaten 4-0 at Mexico. Wonder what the heck ever became of Score?

quote:Originally posted by Daniel

We were with Umbro at the beginning of the 90's.

Never heard of us being affiliated with Umbro... but maybe that's because I don't have any games from pre-'93. ;)

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quote:Originally posted by cfof

Never heard of us being affiliated with Umbro... but maybe that's because I don't have any games from pre-'93. ;)

I have a CSA shirt made by UMBRO that I won on EBay.

UMBRO was a CSA supplier in the late 80s, especially during the

CSL days.

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