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Marc Bircham


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Varsity Tyler (was it?) mentioned that Bircham and JB seemed to be getting on famously during training for the Belize series. Subsequently both fell off the NT planet for WCQ and we finished dead last in our qualifying group.

Bircham is a character. That much is for sure. And JBs a 1st Division journeyman. Aside from Pesch, easily our most experienced professional. Maybe they weren't too impressed with the Frankie fun camps which passed for training sessions and came off as indignant. Who knows?

Ha. Remeber VT mentioning Diesel and Big Kev cussing and carrying on like sailors. They could make a trucker blush apparently.

Ah, good times.

(If it wasn't VT my appologies. Memmory is deep, but it all gets mixed, mashed and confused unless I sit and give it a good think. Which I try to avoid. Hurts my brain too much).

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