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  1. Actually, Wigan is a different story altogether. They were built on the back of Dave Whelan's money. Whelan owns JJB Sports which is a nationwide chain of sports superstores. He is from Wigan, has the company's headquarters in Wigan and decided, when he bought the football club, to build a stadium (the DW) to house both them and the rugby club. There was very little community or government involvement in it. Hull, however, is a slightly different story.
  2. Just out of interest, and slightly off topic, what happened to Adam Street? Wasn't he released by West Ham a short while ago?
  3. To be honest, Macclesfield surviving in the league it all is a good result for them. They're arguably the smallest club in league football in England, with attendances usually no more than about 2,000 or thereabouts. Only Accrington Stanley or Barnet tend to come close to that. Not difficult to see why Dunfield went to Shrewsbury though. An impressive brand new stadium and their board of directorrs have reasonably deep-pockets for that level. Expect them to be challenging for promotion to League One this season.
  4. West Ham played a pre-season friendly at my local non-league club, Kingstonian, on Friday night. Adam Street played about an hour for the irons and made two or three absolutely superb saves. His reflexes are good but he may require a little improvement on coming for crosses. I think he can be reasonably satisfied that he'll have a future at the club.
  5. The "centre" of London is officially Charing Cross, just over the Thames from Waterloo Station. Stamford Bridge (Chelsea) is actually closest, slightly more so than Loftus Road (QPR).
  6. Gavin McCallum played the first half of a pre-season game for League Two side, Aldershot Town, on Wednesday. They drew 3-3 at Camberley Town in a game designed to run the rule over triallists. He was withdrawn at half-time.
  7. Gavin McCallum has left/been released by Sutton United in the Ryman Premier League (7th tier). He was voted Player of the Year by one of the club's two supporters groups. As yet, no word on where he might end up, though a recent newspaper article in the SW London area quoted him as confident of getting back into league football in England. In the Division below (Ryman Division One South), Jon Henry-Hayden is still contracted to Tooting & Mitcham United.
  8. This is an interesting topic for me. I'm an outsider but have seen plenty of games in Canada over the years. I am too young to remember the old CSL but would like people's opinions on the possibility of a new pan-Canadian league. As Canada is such a vast country and football is not an overly popular sport in the eyes of the media and mainstream population (though I know a vast number of kids play it there), could a truly Canadian coast-to-coast league work? I remember the Australians saying they could never get a non-ethnic based league off the ground, but they're now enjoying a modicum o
  9. Is it correct that Peter Pinizzotto is the new head coach at Italia Shooters? I can't remember where I read that. Also, there seems to have been very little in the way of news from the CSL this pre-season. Even the league's website isn't carrying news on the league's format for 2009. Does anyone know if the Open Canada Cup back in this season? Also, are African Icons finally going to get started?
  10. I was just looking on Wikipedia and found an article on FC Quebec. It says that they will be playing at the Claude Robillard Stadium in Montreal? Is this correct as I thought they were playing out of Quebec City?
  11. Steve Thomas! Yes, that's the guy! Couldn't think of his surname for some reason. Many thanks. Also, yes, Owen Nolan is another very good example of an overseas-born Team Canada player. I think it's all swings and roundabouts personally but I can see both sides to the argument.
  12. Two English-born hockey players have represented Canada - Byron Dafoe and Steve (I can't for the life me remember his surname but he played for Toronto and Detroit in the early 2000's and came from Stockport). As for the case of Hargreaves, if his parents are English and his siblings were born there and he's been raised in an English family then he obviously feels more of an attachment to England - that's his choice. Canada, the US, even countries like Italy, France and Republic of Ireland have thrived on having foreign-born players in their squads. I don't see a problem with it as long a
  13. Thanks for the screenshots! Hopefully the USL1 will be playable again this time (it used to be in older versions). The new games looks awesome - I won't see daylight for sometime when that comes out!
  14. You aren't able to play in the CSL on the game but all the clubs and players are on it. You can sign players from it and view all the clubs and their information. The USL is also on the game and then the MLS. It's got plenty of data but the only Canadian club you can be on the game is TFC at the moment. This may change when 2009 comes out in October.
  15. For those CSL fans who play FM2008 (may have a slightly different title in Canada), I've recently found a download for the CSL strips. Enjoy... http://files.filefront.com/SS08+Canada+CSL/;9930899;/fileinfo.html
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