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Mr.Kaplan explain you Mickey Mouse organisation


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Mr. Cary Kaplan please enlight us with the explanation how this is possible. All copied from your website. Please show us how well your league is run, becase something here does not make sense.


Big weekend coming

All three levels of Canadian soccer are represented in the Open Canada Cup Finals being played at the Cove Road ground in London during the Labour Day weekend, September 1 - 4.

At the highest level is the First Division Toronto Lynx of the U.S.-based United Soccer Leagues which plays the first semifinal opening game against AEK London, a gritty, determined amateur team from the Western Ontario Soccer League, and they are accompanied from amateur soccer by half-century old Ottawa St. Anthony Italia of the Ottawa Carlton Soccer League.

Ottawa Italia has a wild card encounter with London City of the pro Canadian Soccer League, while second team from the CSL is Brampton Stallions which must await the outcome of their wild card game before playing the second semifinal.


from another message forum:


The FINAL ROUND will consist of the semi-finalist teams. In addition, if the Host Club (a CPSL Club) is not one of the four semi-finalists, the Host Club will receive an entry into the FINAL ROUND. The Host Club’s opponent will be determined as follows: Of the four semi-finalist team, the Club with the lowest average goals for and against record (Total goals scored minus total goals against divided by the total number of games played in the competition). If there is a tie amongst two or more Clubs, then of those Clubs that are tied;


now consider this:

London AEK

games played: 5-0 Argentina, 1-0 St.Catharine Wolves, 2-1 London City

3 games - 8 goals for - 1 against - goal difference +7 - 7/3 = average goal difference +2.33

Ottawa St. Anthony Italia

games played: ??? 1-0 or 3-0 ??? forefit vs Que team???, 4-2 Laval Dynamites, 1-0 Windsor Border Stars

2 options:

3 games played (including forefit) - 6 or 8 goals for - 2 against - goal difference +4 or + 6 - 4/3 or 6/3 = average goal difference +1.33 or + 2.00

2 games played (not inlcuding forefit) - 5 goals for - 2 against - goal difference +3 - 3/2 = average goal difference +1.50

Brampton Stallions

games played: 5-0 North York Astros, 1-0 Italia Shooters

2 games - 6 goals for - 0 against - goal difference +6 - 6/2 = average goal difference +3.00

Toronto Lynx

games played: 2-2 Serbian White Eagles (is this 0 or +1 since won in pk), 1-0 Hamilton Serbians

2 games - 3 or 4 goals for - 2 against - goal difference +1 or +2 - 1/2 or 2/2 = average goal difference +0.50 or +1.00

all possible goal difference averages:



+ 2.00





now go figure out why London City is playing Ottawa St. Anthony Italia ???????????????

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No way are Toronto Lynx playing in the wild card game. They've got a game on Sunday in Toronto against Virginia Beach Mariners in the USL league. They just can't play four games in four days.

You could imagine the screams if London City was allowed back in and played London AEK as AEK was the team that knocked them out.

That doesn't leave too much variety. Either Ottawa or Brampton.

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Rule is explicit and is on our website:


We are very proud of both our Open Canada Cup, and the fact that for the first time in Canada, the USL and CSL are engaged in meaningful play. The USL provision was unamiously approved by our league at our March AGM.

While the question is very valid, your characterization of us a Mickey Mouse league is entirely inappropriate - I would expect you to use the same respect, as do other members of this forum, if you are going to ask questions - and expect answers.

I hope this clarifies.

Cary Kaplan

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quote:Originally posted by River City

Hold on a sec guys.....

Mickey Mouse is one of the world's most recognized characters and symbolizes the MULTI-BILLION dollar-generating machine known as Disney.......

Fixed you post.

By the by, yes. Kaplan-1 obdfan-nil. It was a fairly legit question on the surface but the opening volley across the bow was uncalled for, and in hindsight, tacticaly disasterous.

I've got my own questions for Mr. Kaplan, but think I'll sit tight for a bit yet. He's been refreshingly co-operative so far and don't want to scare him off just yet;).

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