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Same for me, but it could just be server malfunction from the gateway page onwards.

You and I may have reason to be paranoid, as I suspect you, The Ref, may be on a CSA blacklist like me for more than negative posts on Voyageurs (I've had the odd actual run-in with officials there).

However, let's wait and see what others have found before jumping to conclusions.:) I don't think the CSA would go to the lengths of isolating and banning pc sources like we did with "sccrbst".

Could it just be that they are reorganizing the site, and closing public access until it is completed?

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I have communicated with Earl Cochrane about this. Telus is investigating a problem with the site or server so has restricted access until the problem is resolved.

I am also irritated with the Calgary Centennial Soccer Association who are hosting the Senior men's and women's nationals. Two days into the tournament and they still have not posted any results on the tournament website. All very well having a flashy website but not keeping it current very much diminishes its value.

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I got a reply from New Brunswick re the Nationals results.

The CSA web site has been down but a new link has now been made and result are available.

Jennifer Keith

Executive Director / Directrice générale

Soccer New Brunswick

125 Sports Street, Unit 2

Moncton, NB

E1E 4W9

(506) 382-7529

(506) 382-5621 (fax)

So this is now a usable link;


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Guest Jeffery S.
quote:Originally posted by leekoo

check that link again...

this seems to be the csa allstar championship NOT the CSA club championship ....

No, it is fine, and quite up to date, just a few hours behind in some cases.

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