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Who is better - Hutchinson or de Guzman?


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Hmm... DeGuz is playing at a much higher level, at arguably the best league in the world (tied with the Premiership) and for well respected, strong club.

Hutch has the chance to shine in Sweden because he is arguably one of the top 5 midfielders in the entire league.

They both play different styles and both are praised by fans in Europe. It's a close call.

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De Guzman will only get better, as his experience in

La Liga will only benefit him.

Since we are talking apples and oranges with these two gifted

players (who are in demand by many teams), I'm choosing Julian

"Bobbi" De Guzman. But I'd have Atiba on my team any day too.

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quote:Originally posted by mjoni

In any case, they're going to be a wicked combo in years to come!

Isn't it?

Apples and oranges. The best think about this duo is they are such different players that more often than not you're going to want both of them on the grass at the same time.

Better still, they're both no defensive liability at all, have a head for going for goal, and we've seen they can both score some wonderful goals from range.

ge Duzman's wicked quick and a little terrier. I love that. But will he be more valuable than Hutch at the end of the day? For Canada that is. I don't know. Hard to guess from what little we see.

But what a pairing we've got on the way.

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They are both amazing players...who will both benefit Canada in the future. I lean towards deGuzman only because I am an avid supporter of Deportivo. :)

PS:- If you boys are interested in looking at some stuff from deguzman during preseason with Depor. Here are some links.

Goal versus Nacional de Montevido. (Teresa Herrera Tournament)


Assist to Diego Tristan versus Slaven (Intertoto 1st Round)


Enjoy :D

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