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Can someone Explain Aguiar...


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Start with this thread, there have been so many:


The dispute apparently started btween the two (no details) at the Manchester camp at the end of March 2004. Frank did not include Fernando on the late May friendly with Wales roster (Frank said that he was still counting on Fernando, but felt that he had the best squad at that time), and there was a falling out when they discussed it shortly after on the phone. Fernando posted on this board his side of the story, and felt that his experience in Portugal was not given due consideration by Frank. Both agree that Fernando decided to call it quits for playing with Canada during this phone call. These are the basic details, tho I hope I have not slanted, over-simplified or misconstrued. Anything beyond this is probably just conjecture, and we have had debates ad infinitum at that time, and off and on since. It probably is not a welcome topic amongst most here now, but hey, it is a fair question, it's important history.

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Not trying to stir the pot, but wasn't that the very 1st serious questioning of Yallop's ability as a NT manager? By an experienced player at least.

I know I had a funny at Aguir's expence in it all, but this falling out plain and simply breaks down to FA coming away from the Manchester camp with the impression that he's a no-brainer to be included into the squad and Frankie (odviously) is of a differing opinion. Yallop couldn't (or didn't want to) sweet talk FA, and FA probably figures at this point playing on a NT for Frank Yallop is a waiste of his time as that's odviously a team that's not going anywhere.

But now I'm just gossiping like an old Baba.

By the way, you didn't hear it from me!

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