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W League on National TV


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the W-league final was broadcast last season along with the Super Y and PDL finals etc on FSWD ...Its possible, but the networks don't broadcast things for nothing...heck Rogers cable 10 charges an arm and a leg to broadcast ask the CPSL...i can't imagine what the costs would be for a national event...then there are sponsorship issues along with the residual viewership problems....but hey, The Inferno would be interested...anyone have any contacts at the networks?

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Okay, sudcan, how about you guys arranging a Canada Woman's Cup weekend elimination tourney (with consolation games for 3rd to 8th places) in Sudbury, with the 7 Canadian W-League Teams, with either the Canadian U-19's, or (if they qualify in Costa Rica next month, as they should) the Canadian Women's Olympic Team, as the 8th team? It would take some organization between the teams and the CSA, but IF the Aviator's, Whitecaps and some American teams in both the A-League and the W-League and the USL were all able to do it to arrange the various doubleheaders in other locations, you should be able to organize this. Think how this would get things going in Sudbury!

Because some of the Canadian teams are bound to make the W-League playoffs in August, the best time would be the weekend of April29-May 2 or May 6-9. These could serve as pre-season matches

leading up to the first Canadian W-League games on the weekend of May 14-16.

Besides the W-League schedule, you would also have to work arouund either the U-19 shcedule (tournaments May 28-June 6 in Ottawa/Montreal and November in Thailand, and any friendlies, including the one on May 11 in Montreal against Germany) or the Olympic team (Greece in mid to late August, plus any friendlies). Other than this, you would only be limited by your imagination.

An alternative would be to arrange the tournament in both Ottawa and Montreal as a lead-up to the CONCACAF U19 tournament.

This might be sold to Rodgers' Sporstnet as a package, and you might get some funding from the CSA and various governments to help with costs. It would also be great PR to sell the upcoming W-League schedule. This would make more sense than an "All-Star" game, with respect.

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quote:Originally posted by hamiltonfan

ya, i think that would be a great idea! But it will still be cold in Subary in April, the average is 3C ( http://www.foundlocally.com/Sudbury/Local/Info-CityInfo.htm )

Yeah, but by the end of April it heats up considerably, and the days start to get longer, much longer than in the south. Except for the lakes, the snow is long gone. Nothin' our Canuck girls can't handle.

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i would hardly say Toronto is the soccer capital of Canada, the A-league team is a huge mess up and they have a few CPSL teams but that really doesnt mean much. I thinkMontreal is the soccer capital of Canada right now. I think it is very posible for Sudbury to host this kind of event or semi-host it with another city. You should start talking to other Canadian teams to see what they have to say about this.

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Back to the all-star east west W League - national TV.

We would like to hear from Ottawa and Montreal Ws - either on line or off line. We think it is great project to be spearheaded by the east W league teams. For obvious reasons it's good investment.

The Voyageurs Canadian Soccer Supporters should champion the cause...so we can put up their banner as per their earlier request

- heck! if they can pull this off - we'll put up anything they want!

All kidding aside we will be making the request - we'll see how far this goes - what is that we have to loose?

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As much as i'd hate to say it, Toronto isn't the capital of soccer in Canada, neither is Montreal. Given that the Whitecaps have done well, and now have a National Team centre there, I'd say that Vancouver is the de facto capital of soccer in Canada. Its a great city too, i'd be nice to visit there again :)

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Sudcan, why don’t you and the rest of the Sudbury Canadian origination contact all the Canadian W-League teams and try to work together to get this done. With all the team, you could come out with a proposal to Rogers Sportsnet, TSN or what ever other station you were thinking of. You also might what to talk to the USL and see about TV rights and all of that sort of stuff as well. I’m sure the Voyageurs would love to help as I know I would. After you have talk to other team tell us what you would like us to do, e-mail the station or what ever.

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quote:Originally posted by sudcan

W League Canada - East vs West All Star game on National TV.

Do you guys think it is possible?

Impossible as it would have to be done after the season and the Olympic's will be in the way. (you can't pick all-stars at the beginning of the season especialy when there are four new franchises)

All Star games are also not the best example of excitement.

The NHL,NFL can't put a good show on, so I can't see this going anywhere never mind the cost involved.

The idea of a CANADA CUP would be interesting but it would have to have the final before the W-league playoffs if all the NCAA players are to be involved.

I'd say work it like the FA cup in England or Grey Cup East vs West with the final at a preset location.

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Actually – we (Canadian W Teams) had some preliminary discussions in Florida.

We would like to move the concept along and believe that there is some merit in securing “public” momentum. If each W league can secure one sponsor, we can pull this off and if this site or other sites partner with this initiative, the potential marketing value will be significant for all.

Just for the record and for obvious reasons, we (sudcan) would prefer an all-star format, so that all W Teams can participate – albeit some more than others.

As for the scheduling – if we can land this thing – scheduling won’t be a problem

Hope to hear from the other W League teams.

ps. While some information needs to remain internal, general support and planning can be public.

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I understand your idea of pushing for an all-star game so players from Sudbury would be involved but that is not what I think would create the best exposure for the W-league.

As I said before an exibition game does not translate into a must see event.

Many players as in pro sports do not like to risk injury when nothing is at stake except in this case missing the Olympics.

It also may be impossible to get Canada's best players as the Olympic training camp will be during the W-League season.

However the CFL has used Canadian geography to its advantage by using the EAST vs West attraction.

Sudbury could host the first annual event if the stadium is large enough.

The regular season games could provide the qualifacation for bost the east and west.

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And whose going to pay for all of this?

Transportation, hotels, meals?

I can remember the old CSL having to pay TSN about 15 grand a game. then it was up to the league to find sponsors. They never broke even.

Sudbury should just try to put a decent team on the feild this year and pay the bills. (not that they won't.)

Sudcan- what do you predict the average gate is going to be?

Good luck.

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If each Canadian Team gets some stronge backing from some Major Sposonrs and the owner is willing to spend a bit more money the last year thern i think it would be very possible to have the Womens Canada Cup. If The Canada U19 team come to for the 8th team then the CSA could give some money and bring in some more sponsors.

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Thank you G-man for the advice, we certainly are at the front end of the learning curve. However Sudbury has one on the most successful non-professional sport franchises in the country - OHL.

In planning for the USL we have been forced to do our homework.

There are two products we need to focus on - the team – and god knows we have many challenges there...we leave that to coaches - but the other product is fan/sponsorship support.

We like to look a real local examples... - since the OHL has been on TV, the gate the local rink has increased and so have their sponsorships. We only wish we could get 5000-plus a game!

What the Wolves and other successful franchises at this level have shown is that there is a direct positive correlation between – media exposure (e.g. TV) – attendance – sponsorship and finance, all leading to viability on and off the field.

I don’t think any of the above is news to anyone faced with the same challenge – the question what can we do together?

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do you guys have any sponorship yet? or how about any thoughs for ads. Also You guys should try to get local news at your games and get a some on a local TV channel. How many people does the stadium your playing at seat? Do you have any thoughts on atleast trying to set up a Canada Womens Cup for the w-league teams?

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sudcan: I'm sure I speak for most of the posters here in thanking you for sharing your visions with us. It's GREAT that there is such a push for higher-flight soccer in a place like Sudbury, especially for the woman's game. I hope that going to your matches will become "the thing to do" in Sudbury in the summer, I wish I could be there to join in. I'll be doing my little thing for the Women's Aviators in Edmonton this summer.

All the best, and we'll be cheering for you!

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As someone who works for the Inferno, its hard enough to get sponsorship for minor things, let alone a high cost venture such as a cross country cup...And especially in TO, i can count the times we've had even minor coverage on tv. I'd be friggin estatic if we got someone other than the Mirror (a local newspaper). We fax, call, email most if not all of the print, electronic and tv media in the area...If we could get their attention with a Cross country cup...I would be all for it

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hamiltonfan – our new web-site will answer most of your questions – when we get it out – I have to tell you it is not Elaine’s fault – it is our fault in getting the info to Elaine – hopefully we can fix it in the next week or so.

beachesl thanks for your encouragement and we wish the Edmonton group the very best!

TorontoInferno - maybe working together on a joint project like this will pay off and help us all out – we definitely are going to try it – our web-site will give you a bit of hint on where we will be going to try to get support for the project…nothing ventured nothing gained! – we hope others will join the cause.

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What about a Women's version of the Voyageurs Cup see http://www.voyageurscup.ca

When the Canadian W-League teams play against each other in the regular season (home and away matches) a seperate ''table'' is compiled for the Canadian teams only.

This is the 2004 W-League schedule for the Canadian teams:


Calgary @ Vancouver May 14

Vancouver @ Calgary June 15

Vancouver @ Edmonton June 16

Edmonton @ Calgary July 1

Calgary @ Edmonton July 14

Edmonton @ Vancouver May 23


Tornoto @ Montreal May 23

Sudbury @ Montreal May 29

Sudbury @ Ottawa June 5

Montreal @ Sudbury June 5

Ottawa @ Sudbury June 19

Ottawa @ Toronto June 20

Montreal @ Ottawa June 23

Sudbury @ Toronto June 26

Montreal @ Toronto July 3

Toronto at Sudbury July 10

Toronto @ Ottawa July 18

When the matches are finished in July 'top' Eastern team plays against the "top' Western team for the Voyageurs Cup. That could be done in August.

Just a thought.

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