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  1. Is he related to Martin?
  2. Maybe we need to get Ricky LaFleur to do colour commentary with Wheeler?
  3. I am in for Costa Rica and Panama. Flight from Moscow is like 1k return, and I have always wanted to travel somewhere warm when the weather is terrible. Hopfully vaccinated people won't need a PCR test by that time as the flight is about 36 hours.
  4. If it were up to me... Honduras (Home) (September 2nd, 2021) Toronto El Salvador (Home) (September 8th 2021) Toronto Panama (Home) (October 13, 2021) Toronto Costa Rica (Home) (November 2021) Edmonton Mexico (Home) (November 2021) Edmonton USA (Home) (January 30, 2022) Vancouver Jamaica (Home) (March 27th 2022) (somewhere other than Toronto)
  5. A poem for this week. No sex with a lady until we beat Haiti! if you are gay and like ____, not until the Oct! Asexual people who don't have desire, have sex until the 15th, and then retire! People from other groups that I failed to mention, i'll join you in fun if you don't get a pension! It's really quite simple, beat Haiti and advance, then finally Lord Snooty can do the no pants dance
  6. Having so many players at winning clubs creates a winning mentality for the national team. It's amazing to see
  7. Canada qualifying is vital- There are so many young talents who are dual nationals, go far in WCQ or qualify for the thing, and I expect a deluge of players to switch over. We got maybe the best young team in Canadian history, and tonight they need to play like it.
  8. I'll be getting my ass up early here in Moscow to watch this game You can meet my mom if we don't beat Suriname. That's the line today
  9. Cyle Larin playing at top form gives this team some real options upfront going forward. I guess the kid has got his head on straight now.
  10. I watched this Rob, thanks for doing it
  11. Yeah, if a person is changing their identity, especially a somewhat famous person, the onus is on them to tell the media how they want to be referred to now. A social media nickname isn't sufficient.
  12. I think 50 games playing minnows in the Caribbean isn't worth as much as playing in a major tournament for a major nation.
  13. This thread is my magnum opus, my crowning achievement in an otherwise insignificant life. However, haven't you noticed, Canada has not made the hex since Lord Snooty made that sign? I hearby declare THE CURSE OF SNOOTY as the reason for our futility . Of couse, it's stupid to blame our failures on a sign; however, if the Cubs could blame a goat, we can blame a sign!
  14. Nations League is a waste of our time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 不不不不不不不不不 Seeing pulisic cry made me feel so good
  15. What a game. I am so glad I got up here in Moscow to see that game WOOOOOOOO
  16. One of Canada's biggest problem was our players had no where to play. 10 Years ago Borges might just simply retire
  17. I want to see a good result against the USA in the nations cup. I am not expecting us to win, but he has to coach well. After that, I might be calling for his firing depending on results.
  18. Yeah I just noticed the V board still exists. Well, I'd argue that if it stays there, it will probably end up dying as traffic to the Vboard is/will be way way down. But, if that's what people feel is best, so be it. EDIT: Updated everyone's posts
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