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  1. Eagles home game worn by Ted Hamilton
  2. Not a problem at all! DM me your info and the specific pics and I'll update em, thanks for posting them in the first place. I'd love the rosters if you've got them available! Appreciate the compliments and support!
  3. That would be mine! It's to accompany my website, please check it out, some ex pros in there, it's been amazing so far
  4. Hahahahahaha That thing is super helpful, tons of info in there. Mark was a lot of help.
  5. Started a Facebook group here for anyone that's interested, figured it'd be a bit more far reaching for conversations, updates and anything else https://www.facebook.com/groups/232389838028803/
  6. Anyone really really know the Calgary Kickers. Came upon two jerseys but they're not Umbro. Sadly only a few pics available from then. Wondering if they're pre CSL or if they wore diff jerseys during their friendlies in 88
  7. This is great! Have a Steelers kit that's game worn and I couldn't identify, got it now!
  8. Awesome! I'll DM you my email, gotta still figure out the format etc
  9. Wouldn't object, occasionally text w Jamie Lowery who's got great stories, Drew Ferguson too, played with the idea of posting some of their stories
  10. Put a bunch of games up on the site www.csl1987.ca and YouTube Includes the likes of Supra, Fury, 86ers, Steelers, Kickers, Intrepid, Blizzard.
  11. Timing couldn't be better. Have a Steelers shirt im trying to figure out who wore. Can Update my site tonight Thanks again for all your hard work Robin!
  12. What I would give to see these all now. Please let me know if you ever sell any of them!
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