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  1. Btw it was Colin Samuels that wore the jersey I found
  2. Trying to put together a website about the CSL, including jerseys and rosters etc. Will post in here when I'm done.
  3. Supposedly, according to Hector Marinaro, the jersey I found was worn either by Mark Purdy or by Colin Samuels. Tried hollering at Mark Purdy, hopefully he responds
  4. Found an 88-89 Toronto game worn away. Wondering if anyone knows who wore 18 for Blizzard that season. Hard to make out all the names on this roster
  5. New kit for my collection. I would stand to believe that my previous post of the Blacky made jersey is from the following 91-92 season, asked a former player, hoping for some sort of confirmation. If that's the case it's Paul James game worn (the Blacky).
  6. Play list with other csl videos I've found (starts with Blizzard game)
  7. Also sent an email to Mr Rajballie who was pretty psyched about it too, he passed it around to other Blizzard players he'd been in touch with. Have an amazing Blizzard game worn coming from this season in the mail from a guy in Thailand. He was pretty excited about my collection as he'd never know anything about the league and knew a bit about the club. I made sure to send back a double of a 88-89 Blizzard away that I had, only fair he gets a bit of Canadian Soccer history.
  8. Some dude was awesome enough to post Blizzard v Flamengo in 89
  9. Nice one, thanks. That Brickmen jersey is intriguing
  10. Ended up finding out it was used by Chris Pozniak thanks to Rocket Robin's reporting.
  11. Don't actually expect this to take off but figured I'd start one as I've got a question about the 98 roster. Does anyone have a match day booklet or know who wore #25 that season? Thanks
  12. 11 but sadly missing some from London, Kitchener, Montreal, North York, Calgary and Halifax. Hopefully I'll get em at some point, definitely always looking.
  13. Another lovely addition to the collection, some great history too
  14. Another gem added to my collection. Not sure whether it's a trainer or what tho.
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