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  1. Me neither. A buddy told me the same about Jens, played with him in North York. Dope he's from London, my mom immigrated there from Germany too so the community is small. Wonder if anyone knew or knows him
  2. Not that I know of, they also did hockey and cycling jerseys so could be they only now focus on those
  3. I've always been a fan of Blacky. Swiss company that for the most part only made shirts for Swiss clubs and the national team. Only reason I was able to date this was I stumbled upon this pic of Marco Antonucci and he was with Blizzard in 90-91 season
  4. Can anyone confirm if this is a CSL jersey and if they know what season? It's made by Penalty and sponsored by Umbro which is pretty awesome
  5. Amazing. Vv curious to see what goes on there
  6. Nice one, that's crazy, didn't know he played
  7. Was hoping this was a Kitchener Spirit jersey, font is right but the jersey is about a year or two too late and the colors are wrong (if I'm not mistaken)
  8. Hahaha was being sarcastic but bloody innernets got in the way. Quite a few clubs did variations on it, oddly I'm never mad when I see it. Gotta get my hands on a kickers kit, especially that one.
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