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UEFA Nations League


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Was going to start a thread to comment an anecdote, below, not the well fought match, lacking real threats on either goal (except a Ansu Fati shot cleared off the line late by Perisic), or the amazing Croatian support. Spain won with Unai Simon stopping two in the penalty shootout. I celebrated like crazy, surprising myself.

Three of the Spain starters are from the same small town in Andalusia, Los Palacios y Villafranca, which has less than 40,000. I know we have Brampton, but that's over half a million and attached to Toronto. The town is about 30km from Sevilla, not very charming place, a farming community, rather poor. And the players are all from different generations, 10 years apart, and have totally different physiques and styles:

Jesús Navas, born in 85, 37 years old, short lithe RB for Sevilla, oldest player to ever play for Spain.

Fabián Ruiz, born in 96, 27, tall attacking mid, rare case of a Spaniard playing almost all his pro career outside of Spain (Naples, PSG).

Gavi (Pabla Paéz Gavira), born 2004, 18, strong compact and very aggressive mid at Barça. 

I love the idea that two guys from the same town twenty years apart in age can be on the same pitch and win a trophy for their country.



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