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2018 CONCACAF World Cup Qualifying [R]


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The first round begins on March 22nd.


1st leg

Bahamas vs Bermuda (Mar 25)

BVI vs Dominica (Mar 26)

Barbados vs USVI (Mar 22)

St Kitts vs Turks and Caicos (Mar 23)

Nicaragua vs Anguilla (Mar 23)

Belize vs Cayman Islands (Mar 25)

Curacao vs Montserrat (Mar 27)


2nd leg

Montserrat vs Curacao (Mar 31)

Cayman Islands vs Belize (Mar 29)

Anguilla vs Nicaragua (Mar 29)

Turks and Caicos vs St Kitts (Mar 26)

USVI vs Barbados (Mar 26)

Dominica vs BVI (Mar 29)

Bermuda vs Bahamas (Mar 29)

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Bermuda has named their preliminary squad for the WCQ matches against Bahamas.  Thirteen overseas-based players...


Freddie Hall (Telford)

Dale Eve (Stoke)

Reggie Lambe (Mansfield Town)

Jonte Smith (Floy IL)

Nahki Wells (Huddersfield Town)

Rai Simmons (Ilkeston)


The other overseas-based players all play in university soccer in the USA.



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Bermuda vs Bahamas is for sure the most intriuging matchup of the first round.  An underperforming Bermudas side against a Bahamas team that, as everyone knows, has been in political soccer limbo for far too long, not fair for the players.  Both teams have a lot to lose here.


Predictions on who advances.

St Kitts

Shouldn't be a lot of surprises in this first round, again most intrigued by Bermuda vs Bahamas.

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Patrick Kluivert has recently been appointed technical advisor/coach of the Curacao national team. 


He's called up a fair amount of new European based players who have never played for Curacao before. He's managed to convince a lot of players to play for them. In the link below you can find the first Preliminary squad. Players can still be added to the list before the first official squad is announced. Vurnon Anita (Newcastle United) is awaiting an answer on dispensation from FIFA to play with Curacao against Montserrat.



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Mar 22

Barbados 0 USVI 1


Two more 1st leg matches today -


St Kitts vs Turks & Caicos

Nicaragua vs Anguilla


Turks & Caicos have three players based abroad on their squad.  Billy Forbes who plays for San Antonio, Marc Fenelus who is also with San Antonio, and Fred Dorvil who plays for Western Texas College.

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"Anguilla out on an edge"




"Anguilla (pronounced Ang-WHEEL-Ah) is one of the first on the list of FIFA’s 209 members according to alphabetical order. But in the world ranking, a list driven by the numeracy of results and intractable goals-for and against columns, the Caribbean island teeters in the shadows of ignominy, second-bottom globally ahead of only the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan."

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