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  1. Haps is a quality addition for them. Definitely top 4/5 left backs in Eredivisie. Just unlucky that he got injured at a bad time and now lost his place to Malacia. Te Vrede is not that great but he offers them something different at least to what they had already which was just pure pace up front. Te Vrede has some aerial ability but pretty average with his feet.
  2. Jamaica are trying to get a new interesting batch of players ready to suit up.
  3. No chance that he'll be selected again. His previous caps were ages ago when he was more rated as a defender than midfielder. Why not take the opportunity now and enjoy playing with Suriname instead of waiting years and miss a chance of a World Cup for that 1% chance?
  4. I've tried making a team with players that they're currently looking like getting before March. It's a pretty interesting first group of new additions. _______________ Hahn_______________ Dankerlui__Donk__Pinas__Nelom___ _______________Donald________________ _______Leerdam_______Riedewald____ _________________Chery________________ Becker_______________________Biseswar They are really lacking a proper striker at the moment. All the other spots are pretty solid really. They could maybe move Chery to right wing and play Becker striker but they have play a bit more on the
  5. Kevin Khan has joined Feyenoord from the Dutch Connections FC academy in Toronto. He's joining Feyenoord U13's. Here you can see him training with Jaden de Guzman (son of Jonathan de Guzman) who is in the Feyenoord U14's. https://fb.watch/3RhqprS5c8/ https://www.dutchconnectionsfc.com/home
  6. You can watch a recent match of him here with Levski Sofia U17 vs CSKA Sofia U17. He wears number 9 in blue and scores the 2-0. https://www.facebook.com/watch/live/?v=342373463760912&ref=watch_permalink
  7. A documentary about Jacob Lensky that aired in Holland last weekend. I'm not sure if you guys can watch this or whether it's blocked but it's pretty fascinating to see and hear about his career and issues. I'll try and check later if it gets on Youtube. It wasn't available there yet. https://www.foxsports.nl/video/3057536/fox-sports-doc-the-lensky-project/
  8. Funny that you mention Lingard and regard him as youth. He's 25 years old and by no means a youth player. You just only learned about him because of Louis van Gaal giving a player like him a shot and him proving himself. If Mourinho was at United 3 years ago Lingard would've now been at West Brom or something. Even now both Lingard and Rashford are only getting 50% starts at United. Man United also have Tahith Chong in their academy who's very similar in terms of playing style/age to Davies and arguably better imo. Hasn't even been on the bench for United first team once. Davies need
  9. Yes. Many players debuted in the National Team before making their debut at club level. Mascherano never played for River Plate first team before his first cap I believe. And there are many more examples as well. I also think the MLS has one of the worst records in giving playing time to youngsters. It's just a cultural thing in North America. Why do you think all top American prospects escape to Germany? Many 17 year olds are already playing for top Bundesliga clubs. They recognize quality and have faith in their players and give them opportunities to develop which will benefit the club later
  10. There is a big difference being picked for Ivory Coast or Canada. Look at the attacking talent Ivory Coast has and compare that with what Canada selected. Tabla deserved it purely on quality. And I watched a lot of him. You can read the first page of this topic and see for yourself. I was making the same argument back then.
  11. Exactly the lack of faith and trust I was talking about. Tabla was already superior to many of the players called up. Having 0 professional minutes or 10.000 is irrelevant. It's all about quality. On the other hand it's also the CSA's job to secure talent. Just look what the US did with Jonathan Gonzalez. Showed him no love and trust and he's going to play for Mexico. If I was Tabla or Tomori I would also opt for another country if players like Ricketts and Jakovic are called ahead of them.
  12. It's all Canada's fault that these players aren't playing for Canada. Never had faith in them when they were younger. Guys like Tabla and Tomori should've been called up to the World Cup Qualifiers when they were 16. Outstanding talents that were overlooked and Canada instead selected absolute wastemans like Tosaint Ricketts and Dejan Jakovic and many others. Could they have rejected at that age?? Sure...do we know that they didn't reject but they didn't get asked...also a yes. What a shambles.
  13. No, Davies is nowhere near the level of Pulisic. Pulisic is an amazing talent.
  14. Which is very logical. Better players are snapped up earlier. Keisuke Honda (Milan) and Nacer Chadli (West Brom) are also two other other players who played in the Dutch Jupiler League when they were younger.
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