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Everyone in Canada can make a difference in the stadium on game day.


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Just to make this explicitly clear, there are over 800 kids in the Toronto Community Housing Youth Engagement program.

Lets try and send them all.

This is every Voyageurs opportunity to make a difference in the stadium come game day no matter where you live.

Contact your club

Contact your team

Contact your league

Contact your office/workplace

We need a pro Canadian crowd at this game and this is your way to help.

Please post this idea on your local soccer boards, Twitter, Facebook ... everything.

Buy charity tickets here


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Thanks for pointing this opportunity out to me! Since I cannot make any of the matches this year, living on the otherside of the planet, I'll send three great Canadians in my place.


I should change the title to Anyone Anywhere!

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Quick question: When is the deadline for purchasing tickets? I might pitch this to my outdoor men's team but we don't reconvene for a couple of weeks.

I think this can go very late, unless the whole south end sells out.

I will just keep them updated continually on numbers.

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How do the charity tickets work, we buy a ticket and it goes to a kid in the T.C.H.Y.E.? (they gotta work on that initialism, it's a nightmare)

We get a final number, let them know and maybe the kids fight it out in some kind of island death match.

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