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Flag designs & plans for Voyageurs


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Razcle and I are exploring flag options right now, and there are a few possibilities.

Three things I would like to see happen.

1. High quality screen printed Voyageurs flag. $20-$30, maybe slightly more.

2. Bulk 3'x5' white and red flags $3-$5 : Possibly including this in ticket price and giving everyone a flag.

3. Long 12' high vertical strip flags curved at the top with collapsing aluminum pole. $35 each.

Numbers two and three we can add Voyageurs logos on later via SC or heat transfer.

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Option 4

We should be able to get an inexpensive 16" screen print, which is too small for a 3'x5' flag, but will fit well on a 2'x3' flag.

Smaller flag with Voyageurs logo.

White with red logo

Should be able to pull these off for as little as $7 with flag pole, logo and flag.

This seems to make the most sense in that we have our logo on it, it's cheap and we get maximum impact with volume in the stands.

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