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Canada Flags from MPs ect..


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Having worked for an MP myself, this is how I understand it pretty much goes.

The House of Commons gives Canadian flags to every MP at regular intervals, whether it be every 3 or 4 months, I don't remember. Once they recieve their flag allocation, MPs can do pretty much whatever what they want with them. It is then up to the individual MP to decide if he makes up a list if ever you want one and his stock is empty or, in the case of my boss, it was a case of telling the people around when the flags would arrive and asking them to call back at that time, since there was always an overwhelming demand and the flags never lasted more than a week.

As for Senators, I have no idea if the process is the same.

Your best bet is then to call your local MP office and see what he or she does.

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Find your MP here:


Click on the their name and you should get their e-mail info. Simply fire off an e-mail and politely ask for a flag. Most MP's still have them.

If that doesn't work, try a senator........any senator. I sent e-mail's to about 12 senators and I ended up with 20 flags!

Here is a list of senators:


You can get an e-mail address for most of them by clicking on their names.

The ones I had the most success and quickest response were:

Art Eggleton


Nicole Eaton eatonn@sen.parl.gc.ca

Linda Frum


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