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  1. Ugh. I mean, I understand why, but ugh... Loving the single table, and hoped to one day see it along with a balanced schedule. Looks like that might not be in the long-term plans of the league, sadly.
  2. That is honestly my biggest beef with OneSoccer. I am maybe not able to watch the matches live, but if I can watch them at all, it's definitely during the weekend. However, it seems like OneSoccer is hardly ever able to make the turn-around without a few days' worth of delay. By then, it's back during the week, and there is no way I'll be able to sit down for over 90 minutes times three matches. Ugh! Even the MLS-produced streaming app didn't have that issue pre-DAZN (unless there were regional blackouts that applied).
  3. God damn it... This team... I'm starting to no longer remember the last time I wasn't disappointed with something the Fury did...
  4. Interesting! I thought it usually was just one Cup game per package. I stand corrected!
  5. Considering how weak the CMNT is at right back, I think Haworth would warrant a look. My only concern is how he would fare defensively against better opposition, as I would not expect him to have anywhere near the same offensive importance as he does with the Fury. Probably should have been called up for the pre-Gold Cup camp, but not sure he would have cracked the lineup.
  6. Looks like the firsg leg will be well attended. Only 5 seats left throughout the middle 5 sections, all singles. And looks like maybe 80 tickets or so left in non GA sections. Keep in mind I don't think this match is part of the season ticket holder package. MLS opposition usually brings in more fans, though with diminishing returns in the past years. Hoping for a good night under the lights with a positive Fury result with which to go back to BMO! Though the Fury are greatly improved this year, they have been struggling of late, especially in central defence it seems, which is usually a club strength. Offensively, they just added a striker with a great scoring rate in USL, so hopefully that adds another threat.
  7. Well, never thought I'd see anyone on the Voyageurs' Board (can we still call it that?) claiming that it should be an imperative for the CSA to diminish the value and importance of the Voyageurs Cup. What a sad turn of events.
  8. I watched both games, uncluding one in person, and have no idea what he's referring to.
  9. Looked a beautifully executed onside run from Minatel to me. Too bad Sacramento shot straight to the keeper on his chance. He had so much room! An entertaining half so far.
  10. My hope for the next ten years is to see mostly players be called up to the NT who started their career in the CPL, but no longer play in the league because they got transferred up.
  11. ^Meh. I tend to think the pattern of seats is overated, since your aim should be to have them filled anyways. Also, the field will continue to be used for horse riding shows if I recall.
  12. The Ocean (aka the Via line out east) does not have daily service, and when it does come, it's only once a day, at unreliable hours (comes from Montreal, always with delays). I doubt having a Via station would play any role in prefering one city over an other.
  13. Saint-John?! Talk about unexpected... Is Arthur Irving directly involved? Looking forward to seeing how that goes, if true. But I'm still having trouble believing it could be. Maybe that's where the Port City moniker will end up
  14. Yeah, this was almost 20 minutes before kick-off. Being there, it definitely felt like 6,500 was pretty accurate.
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