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  1. Nope. It's not perfect, but it does the job just fine.
  2. I remember a whole lot of talk taking place about this around the time of the Lansdowne development vs. Melnyk projecf in Kanata. If memory serves me right, the angles of the stands make a soccer field there very oddly angled. There basically wouldn't be a single good seat in the house. Out of all the existing sports infrastructure, for me it's easy: Frank Claire is the only good option. Any other is just "make do". And will likely be seen as minor league by local residents.
  3. Yeah, TFC2 in USL1 is the big "wtf?!" that I see. MLS? I get it. T-Bay? I get it. LO1 would be unfeasible for them due to geography. But TFC2? Come on. The fact that everyone is ok letting them continue in USL1 was a joke before, and it's even moreso one now.
  4. Well, with today's sad news in Ottawa, a large number of Canadian players have suddenly become free agents. Off the top of my head: GK Callum Irving David Monsalve Defenders Nana Attakora Carl Haworth (flexible position-wise) Maxim Tissot (probably flexible position-wise) Mids Chris Manella Jérémy Gagnon-Laparé Antoine Coupland (15 or 16 years old) Jamar Dixon Most of these guys would be an automatic upgrade at their respective positions for many CPL teams. Wonder how many will end up signing on.
  5. It's not about refusing to let a team play and pay rent. It's about ensuring that deal can be struck between the two that makes financial sense for both. Will that be possible? I don't know. It's obvious that CPL budgets are low, and there's only one team who is playing in a stadium not owned/operated by their owner or by the municipality. I have no clue what type of rent or agreement OSEG would put forward. The question is: would it be too much for a CPL club? How does stadium advertising get split, in-stadium purchases, etc? Who pays for the change of lines of the pitch? I'm sure OSEG and the City would want another tenant at Frank Claire. I just don't know if the numbers would make sense for a CPL franchise, because we know so little about CPL finances generally, and not a whole lot more from OSEG. ***Final Edit But I hope a CPL club comes in, and does so quickly. If they have a launch party, I will be there. And will one of the first in line for season tickets.
  6. Yeah. It's not about the stadium, but the whole area, of which OSEG controls a large portion. On its year-over-year operations, OSEG is making money. But when you factor in things like interest on the debt and accounting for the depreciation of the assets, they lost $12 million last year. But I think we need to be clear: this is due to the whole residential, commercial, and stadium aspect. Not the stadium itself. They have some operational issues, sure, but their biggest problem seems that their profits cannot cover their debt payments.
  7. OSEG manages the stadium, and controls the tenancy for the residential and commercial developments in Lansdowne. The city controls other parts of it, such as the two exhibition spaces and the park (maybe the public square as well, but I don't know). OSEG wanted to control the areas which the city currently controls. The City has not said no, they've more like delayed taking a decision.
  8. I might be wrong, but I believe that OSEG is partnering up with the Rugby franchise, which should eliminate most types of difficulties in terms of tenancy. But we'll see how it works when a CPL club, whose ownership is unrelated to OSEG, tries to implement itself in Ottawa. By controlling the stadium, OSEG controls a whole lot of things. And it's obvious that there is bad blood between CPL and OSEG. I am wary.
  9. Radio-Canada has sources confirming that the club will not be operating next year. https://ici.radio-canada.ca/nouvelle/1380987/fury-soccer-professionnel-ottawa-fin
  10. Me saying that it might be a head coach was dumb, since the advisory mentions specifically "the club's future". Local journalist JF Plante reminds us that the Fury still have note received CONCACAF sanctioning to operate in the USL next year.
  11. Exactly, who knows. Could be about the club's future, or could be that they've already decided on next season's head coach. I don't remember the Fury calling something "major" and it ending up being something like a depth player being added to the squad, so I am legit expecting something.
  12. Ottawa Fury to make a major announcement tomorrow... https://twitter.com/24thminute/status/1192547931817226248?s=20
  13. Those were my exact thoughts originally, but it has ended up not being the case. Ever since the announcement of the affiliation, I have seen little to no evidence of any preferential treatment of Impact players. When players were good, they played. When they aren't as good, they've stayed on the bench. A perfect example is Maxime Crépeau, who actually started his only season in Ottawa as the backup to Callum Irving, only to take over the top job when Irving faulted in his first few matches. Again. I was not a fan of the affiliation announcement. Deep down, I still wish it didn't exist, as I would prefer for the Fury to develop their own players and transfer them upwards from here. But to say that the Fury has turned into an MLS minor-league franchise is flat wrong.
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