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Argentina tickets.........

Winnipeg Fury

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Have a line on some tickets here, but hold on, let me check with the guys I know are going to BA for the match. Get back to you soon. Does he say when he gets them, or will he only receive them from the AFA when he is in BA? I live in Mendoza, Argentina, and will be travelling down to the match the day before.

Although I know of only 3 actual V's going, I am in touch with a lot of Canadian expats in BA who would love to get tickets and sit with other Canadians for the match. If a get him a list of names, how does he get the tickets to us?

Will get back to you Winnipeg Fury.

Also, can you give him my email address and ask him to update as to any happenings in relation to the match:


Thanks, WF, for all your liason work with the CSA!

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