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TFC offer contract to JDG

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money / being set for life (very significant after being screwed by la coruna)


bringing canadian club soccer to a new level

lending credibility to mls

playing with your friends

coming home, being close to your family after having left them in your teens


playing your prime footballing years against top competition

he is done developing. his impact on the national team will not be adversely affected to a significant extent if he chooses TFC. truly a tough call. i'm happy either way.

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He's just been screwed out of his paycheck playing in La Liga, against the best in the world. Guaranteed 7 figures in his bank account will get his attention. At some point you have to be a professional about these things.

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A couple of significant points:

First, he has a child living in Germany so there's an incentive to stay on the continent.

Second, even though he has finished developing his skills he still needs to keep himself sharp by playing against the top players in the world. If he moves to MLS he could start to coast and get sloppy.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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