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Northern Ireland of CONCACAF


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My Fellow Northern Neighbors,

The Canadian men’s national team and its supporters should not feel alone about the pain of not qualifying for the World Cup. Northern Ireland has shared a lot of similar frustrations and scenarios.

A) Both teams have not qualified for the World Cup since 1986.

B) Both have a large, vocal, and entertaining supporter’s group (Green & White Army and Voyageurs) that have grown this past decade.

C) Both have 1 true home stadium (BMO Field and Windsor Park) with strong passion.

D) Both have a roster with players from high caliber leagues.


Yank who wanted Canada in WC 2010.

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quote:Originally posted by Ashton Gate

Uncanny... Nigel Worthington is coach of Northern Ireland, when Nigel was coach/manager at Norwich he stubbornly refused to give Jim Brennan much playing time in the Premier league and Jim only rarely got on the pitch!! Bit like the current Canadian coach Dale Mitchell.....

Thought JB started or was subbed in for 18 matches in Norwich's last cup-of-coffee visit to the EPL. Less than half their matches true, but not by much. (Worth looking up, but JB got a decent amount of time. Not great, not regular, but fairly decent considering he was also hobbled that season which also was a part in the amount of pitch time JB got).

Worthington is a famously prickly character. But I'll give him this, there is never any doubt who the Alpha Male in the locker room is when he's around whether he's truly deserving of that right or no.

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