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  1. Biello chose fresh legs on the road over tired ones at home... I guess if you think of the ages of Donadel, Bernier, Bernadello, Drogba, Camara it makes sense.
  2. Don't support shows of disrespect but on the other hand have never supported the idea of national anthems in club sports.
  3. Drogba will probably be useful going forward until he's 42 but has become a huge liability without the ball, doesn't track back, listless pressure, distracting gamesmanship. Not blaming him for any of that at his age, but the correct way to use him now is as a super sub. Sadly only he seems not able to see that.
  4. Ha. Imagine a CPL with those three actually in it as flagship franchises... "stolen" from MLS. Although I guess they'd be unrelated reincarnations rather than the same actual setups.
  5. I don't understand what I just watched. The 6 points were just gift wrapped sitting there and we refused to go take them.
  6. He may have only played 90 once but he's played in the 60-80 range several times. I'm not saying he's necessarily The Answer nor that he's necessarily better than JDG.. Just that it's inexplicable that he's not even meaningfully on the depth chart at his position.
  7. 1. Not too concerned about Bernier's past performances under different non-systems and coaches 2. Hope you're not suggesting things have been going well without him either 3. Not based off one performance, he's been great ever since Biello has brought him back into a prominent role 4. Suggesting he's not fit is ridiculous, especially over JDG.
  8. The Impact should have some swagger going into the next round(S). Few teams if any can boast a similar record since the time Biello took over. They swept Columbus this season already. I'm not saying they should be overconfident but they should believe they're the favorites, even if they face the Energy Drinks.
  9. Bernier can still dominate in MLS. DeGuzman? ... Sure, Osorio may at some point. Imagine a triangle of Bernier, Hutchinson and Johnson. Just can't understand it.
  10. the apex of their triangulation is Will Jansone
  11. So many other tings we na mentioned yet Brilliant line
  12. It was great to witness live. It was a great 90 minutes by the legend on and off the ball. It's been a while that there"s been that much of a buzz in the stadium with a full crowd. Only thing missing was the Ultras. It was too bad to see Tissot struggle in an unaccustomed role at fullback, honestly I think Camara would have had a better time in that Frankenstein defence than Tissot. The good news is that we will eventually get to watch tonight's offensive fireworks in front of our accustomed defence line led by Ciman. It will be very interesting to see it all on the field at one time.
  13. 100% agree Camara has slick ball skills and awareness that are rarely seen in Canadian born players, as well as an impressive physique that is an advantage against short CONCACAF opposition. As I have said in previous threads it's HowSoon Camara.
  14. We haven't really seen much of him. He's been that kind of 80th minute sub in a 2-1 loss kind of guy so far for Klopas.
  15. As far as the more "football", less "marketing" need, of attacking midfielder, it looks like IMFC are very close to signing Johan Venegas, from various twats. Sorry tweets.
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