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Why Radz left Xanthi

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quote:Originally posted by CanadianSoccerFan

sure sounds like it had something to do with it

The link didn't work for me, I assumed it was just about Xanthi match fixing, I didn't know Radz was quoted in the article. I still can't read the article though, what else did it say?

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Here's the full story:


Ex-Xanthi star reveals match fixing

03 Oct 2008

Canada international and ex-Xanthi striker Tomasz Radzinski has alleged Greek match fixing in an interview with a Belgian magazine.

Radzinski stated that last year's Greek Super League game between Xanthi and Ergotelis at Pankritio stadium was fixed in order for the Cretan club to avoid relegation. At the same time he blasted his ex-coach and teammates for completely ignoring the seriousness of the matter.

"Our opponent was fighting to avoid relegation but they did not have to get tired to get the win. We played the game with six players that had rarely played throughout the season. The game started out with our opponents being awarded a penalty and a bit later scoring another goal out of nowhere."

"I was kicking everything in my path, while at the locker room during halftime, with the intent to get my teammates riled up. You know what some of them did? They started laughing at me! Of course, I asked not to play during the second half and from that moment on I started looking for a new club."

"In every country that I have played in I knew how to speak the language. In Greece I only learned the word "Nai" (Yes) which in the beginning I thought had the opposite meaning of what it really meant. I could not settle down at Xanthi, while at the same time the constant change of coaches would not allow us to gel as a team."

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I have it at home, but didn't read it yet, just went fast through the article (I posted about it in the Edmonton subject).

I also read that the true reason is that his baby was about to born and his wife, coming from Antwerp, wanted him to born near her home and her family.

The article speechs much about his travels in various countries in Europe. Also a lot about Everton as Standard was about to meet them in UEFA Cup.

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