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  1. ....and as if, on que, Jr. tees a stunner up off his right https://streamable.com/scwoy
  2. Will the CPL teams play in the Canadian Championship? If so, I could see potential games against Canadian MLS clubs attracting a regional audience.
  3. Be great to see Hoilett and Hutch build some chemistry through regular playing time together. Besiktas have made an approach for QPR winger Junior Hoilett, claim reports in Turkey. The Canadian is out of contract at Loftus Road at the end of the season and is understood to be seriously considering a move to Istanbul to join up with international team-mate Atiba Hutchinson. According to Turkish newspaper Milliyet, Hutchinson has been acting as the intermediary in the deal and is hopeful of convincing Hoilett to leave London in June. Besiktas have been keen on Hoilett for a
  4. On the injury, if his quote in this article is any indication, he's ready for a call in Mexico Canada's newest international, Burnley's Scott Arfield, is hoping to get a first start against Mexico after making his debut for the country from the substitutes bench during Friday's defeat. "If the manager sees fit for me to be part of that game, I’m absolutely delighted to do so," Arfield said. "It was an absolute pleasure for me to play in this arena in front of so many fans. It's something that will live very long in my memory and hopefully take my international career further as
  5. Not to support the letter, but we had an incident in our section (410) where a fight broke out involving half a dozen people about 5 rows in front of us. I don't know the cause, but it didn't appear to be fan group vs fan group. However, it went on for quite a long time and it was only the sober involvement of other fans in the vicinity who broke up the fight, not security. When the lone yellow jacket finally showed up, things were already breaking up. If it would have been fan on fan violence related to the game, and there were fans of both sides in the area, things like this can escal
  6. He did come close to making that costly mistake in the Honduras game last fall with a bad bobble in front of the net that Borjan had to scramble on. But generally I have been impressed with Straith under Floro. He's been steady and reliable.
  7. The 2007-2008 CanMNT is still a benchmark team imo. I was in Seattle for the Brazil friendly in May 08 and that still ranks as one of the best games I've ever seen Canada play offensively. So many chances going toe to toe with Brazil.
  8. Sportsnet reporting March 25th BC Place in Vancouver http://www.sportsnet.ca/soccer/canada-mens-team-world-cup-qualifying-mexico-vancouver-bc-place/
  9. http://www.canadasoccer.com/canada-mnt-takes-road-to-russia-2018-through-vancouver-p158473
  10. I'll be attending with my son. We're in 100NA. Coming over from Victoria on the Clipper. I'm hoping to be there for the march in.
  11. Hey. Going to be coming to Seattle with my 6 yr old son. We want to be close to V's section, but not in the thick of things. He's small & probably wouldn't see much sitting in the V's section, but want him to be able to experience a bit of the atmosphere. He is pumped about going. So, any advice on what section I should buy tickets in that would put us close to you guys? Also, I'd like to take part in any march to the stadium pre-game. Any plans on what time that will take palce and where it will depart from? Thanks all. We are soooo looking fwd to seeing this game.
  12. This deserves to be on a shirt...brilliant.
  13. Maybe common knowledge on the boards here, but this came as a bit of a shock to me. "I think a lot of people don’t realise that I’m actually half-Canadian. At one point, I could have had the opportunity to play for Canada!" From Fifa.com interview http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/preliminaries/news/newsid=1632545/
  14. I have to say, I like the Turkish Simpson more than the old Kaiserlautern Simpson & actually hope a move back doesn't happen. And, from a MNT perspective, I like that he is playing with Klukowski. Makes our left side stronger with these 2 guys playing together on a regular basis.
  15. That was the best goal I've ever seen Friend score for Canada. Actually, that might be the only goal I've seen Friend score for Canada. I miss Radz, too.
  16. Agree completely, which is why I am actually happy we didn't finish top 6 and get a bye to the next round. This gives our guys more opportunities to play together. I can see Hart sticking with this group for most of our WCQ. YAY! no Friend....
  17. If you are outside of Canada and are a bit more technically minded, you could set up a VPN (virtual private network), which would make it appear that you are connecting from inside the country where the broadcast is available. I have had little luck with setting up a free VPN, but I have had good luck using Witopia. It costs around $40 per year. When a VPN is running on your computer, it enables you to connect to servers located in specific countries, allowing you to bypass country specific restrictions. http://www.witopia.net Very handy when watching matches televised in other countries, but
  18. I just registered at the CONCACAF site for their live streaming service. It appears to be free, although I don't know if they will blackout the game in Canada due to regional broadcasting restrictions. But might be worth a shot. http://www.concacaftv.premiumtv.co.uk/page/Home
  19. Yep. Here's hoping. I just saw a trailer on the live stream promoting the game, so they are definitley broadcasting it at 20:45 local time. Whether the stream will be avialable for the game or not is the question.
  20. If it is on Inter in Ukraine, then a live feed might be available here: http://inter.ua/en/live
  21. I watched that online. CBC streamed it. Can't believe they played the bloody thing.
  22. I have been out of the loop for awhile so I don't know if anything is being done about this, or if there is going to be time to do something if not. But Diesel will become the most capped player in Canadian history on home turf in Montreal on Tuesday. V's who are going to be at the game, is there any way you guys would be able to publicly acknowledge this accomplishment, beyond the song Spurs fans used to sing in his honour? Like I said I have been out of the loop here for a long time so something might be planned already. But if not, and someone in Montreal has the time to get somethi
  23. David Edgar subbed on at 67 min in Burnley 5-0 win over Gombak United (Singapore S League). Thumping 5-0 Win and Now It`s Home & Away! The Clarets got their Far East tour off to a flying start yesterday with a thumping 5-0 win against Singapore S League, Gombak United in the Tampines Stadium. Burnley were frustrated for most of the first half but finally broke the deadlock with just three minutes to go before half-time. Elliott and Marney linked well to set up Ross Wallace to score his second goal of the pre-season friendly campaign. With the second-half underway it didn`t ta
  24. From Hertha Berlin website: http://herthabsc.de/index.php?id=2075&tx_ttnews[tt_news]=7528&cHash=c7cbcfe533 We managed to get an interview with Rob Friend ahead of Hertha's friendly match against TSV Kottern, during the training camp stay in the Alpine region of Allgäu. Read here what he told us... herthabsc.de: Rob Friend, the opening week of the summer training camp is underway. What are your early impressions of the team and club? Rob Friend: I have a good impression so far. We train a lot and hard, but we have to in order to get fully fit again. We expect further toug
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