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  1. Great half from David, a goal and three potential assists, the last on Yilmaz’s offside goal. I agree that Yilmaz has dropped off dramatically his year.
  2. I think that was his best game yet for Basel (that I have seen). All of his play was positive and integrated well with the rest of the team. Cabral was noticeably happy with Millar for the first goal, and the hockey assist on a later goal was great play. He looks like he belongs out there and his team mates are clearly trusting him to drive play now. Great stuff.
  3. Basel wins 3-1, Millar not involved in the other goals. He was subbed off toward the end, missed exactly when. Good win. Does anyone know what happened to Esposito? He was starting regularly before but now is nowhere to be seen. Transferred? I feel like Millar fits into better with Esposito gone.
  4. Millar scores in the 34’. First time strike from in front of goal, bottom corner. First goal in League play.
  5. That was a great play. He had another at he very end of the game when he beat a man and cut the ball back in front where two of his teammates basically fell over each other trying to get on the ball. Sometimes he is missing the final product but he makes things happen out there with his effort, speed and moves.
  6. And I thought he looked more aggressive than last season …
  7. Lille will be disappointed with the draw after having so much time with the man advantage. Just inches from a penalty in extra time as well.
  8. Comfortable 3-0 win for Bayern. Davies played well enough. That was the first club match I have seen this year, I thought he was more aggressive getting forward than last season, which is good.
  9. 2 subs in 74’ but David stays on.
  10. Wow, Brooks now uses his hand to prevent a pass getting through to David , second yellow = red. I have not seen him play much before but he seems like a stupid player.
  11. Brooks has been awful. First time I watch him for Wolfsburg. Two times in the first half he did not even pretend, just grabbed the player and threw him over, yellow on the second. Then he flailed as David beat him for the goal, sadly but correctly called back for something earlier in the build up.
  12. He did play well. He was particularly visible at the start of the second half with a move in the 52’ to fake out a defender, take it to the end line and roll it past the keeper to the middle. Unfortunately no one arriving at the right space, but a great move. I agree with your comment that the team needs to figure him out but I do believe it will happen. I am convinced Basel was a good move for him, they play the right way.
  13. Final 5-1 for Basel. I thought Liam played well, really hustled and moved play at speed. Several attempts to play his team mates in, did not come off but were close (especially putting Lang clean through). Drew a few fouls and a yellow card, scored with a few minutes left but ever so slightly offside. He was really noticeable, in a good way.
  14. This is my first time watching the Swiss league, but after watching this week and last, it looks to be very unbalanced. Liam on in the 64’
  15. Liam on the bench, Basel up 3-0 vs 10 man Servette in minute 50.
  16. Finishes 6-1. After 2 games in the Swiss league, Basel is top of the table and today’s opponents Sion are bottom. It looked like it. I enjoyed watching Basel much more than watching Lille last year. Liam got 30 minutes but not too much to report. At around 70’ he had a chance blocked close in but it was offside anyway. At around 80’ a pass put Esposito through and he scored, but he was slightly offside. Millar had been right behind him, not offside - if Esposito would have left it, Millar could have been clean through. Too bad. Otherwise he hustled, made a few ball recoveries, but nothing overly remarkable today. I like the way the team passes so I think it can be a good fit for him, but if they are top of the league it also means it could be hard to get into the starting 11.
  17. I watched the last 20 minutes, I thought Liam played very well, solid defensively and a few good runs and passes. Solid start. Since Bluesport has removed its coverage of Ligue 1 and the Bundesliga, I guess I will be watching a lot of Basel and Liam this year, I hope Liam he finds his way into the starting 11.
  18. I think Widmer is there now. I thought he looked good.
  19. My wife and I were in such shock the first year we hardly went out. Not that you save much money at the supermarkets ...
  20. It has also worked for me now, thanks.
  21. I live in Switzerland and can confirm that the high salaries match the high expenses.
  22. You would think we would be good at this style with Davies, David, Buchanan ... I do think Herdman needs to add this to the list of tactics for games such as this.
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