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  1. An Observer and I were at his debut in NI, enjoyed that.
  2. The article mentions that Radzinski and Hoilett are the only two Canadians to have scored more goals than Arfield in the premier league.
  3. Agree - James is a must against a team that fast. Thought De Jong had a pretty solid game.
  4. Uzbeks are starting to carry the game the last few minutes. There was a serious defensive meltdown 4 or 5 minutes ago when they rolled the ball right across the goalmouth.
  5. BBC are reporting that QPR have released 7 players, but are in negotiations with Hoilett about extending.
  6. Thanks for this - excellent feed, watching over breakfast in Phnom Penh.
  7. Hoilett being targeted by Schalke, according to ESPN today.
  8. I look forward to reading the next ones, very interesting.
  9. Great save by Milan at the end. We looked like we had more jump after the substitution taking Issey off. From those bits when the broadcast was not cutting out, Larin was pretty disappointing.
  10. Nice effort by Johnson, probably should have scored.
  11. Another article on Issey posted on espn. Seems he is doing very well in Malaysia. http://www.espnfcasia.com/blog/football-asia/153/post/2557982/ex-singapore-u21-star-issey-shines-in-malaysia
  12. Not sure if it has been posted already, but ESPN reports that Hume has signed a 6 month contract with Tranmere.
  13. Canada & Mexico (parents), Netherlands (birth, if he wants to throw away his other passports I guess), Cambodia (residence)
  14. From "miusoccer.com", referring to the UK paper The Sun: "Norwich striker Simeon Jackson is set to join Brighton on loan."
  15. Any one know what's up on these two fronts?
  16. I looked at the sports section in De Telegraaf today (it might have been from yesterday), and I saw a section rating the players' performances throughout the Dutch league. Atiba was a 6.5, which was the PSV average from their win over ADO. There was another list tracking the season ratings totals, for the purposes of determing the season's best player (according to this paper). Atiba is tied for 20th on the list, which is a good sign of, at a minimum, consistent performances at a good level.
  17. Indeed, from the BBC: "Interesting, very interesting. The German transfer window has now closed, and there are a few, er, interesting names on the DFL's list of players that can be signed (see 10:50 GMT), says Raphael Honigstein. ... "Also on the list: Julian De Guzman, brother of Swansea City midfielder Jonathan De Guzman. Julian is a free agent after he was released by MLS club FC Dallas in December. It was thought that he'd sign for Mallorca, where's been training the past weeks but his appearance on the DFL list suggests that a Bundesliga club is close to signing him. No indication of his possible destination as of yet, however."
  18. And the latest from ESPN soccernet: "Chris Hughton is also looking to offload a striker from his squad. Simeon Jackson has been available for some time and it seems Derby County are interested."
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