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Petition aginst CSA !!!


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Anything we as fans do that journalists can use to backup their own criticism of the CSA is useful. If there's consensus on the board I think this isn't a bad idea. "Canadian supporters group has started an online petition calling for the resignation of board members..."

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quote:Originally posted by Soju

Any thoughts on an E-mail petition from coaches across the country?

Getting coaches from across the country to put their name on a letter to the CSA demanding change is an excellent idea. How to get it started is the hard part. Any coach who puts his name out there risks being ostracized at the local, district and provincial level. We know this is an old boys club.

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Boys, that link for petition was just suggestion.

Same as this one http, ://www.rueckgrat.cc/. They have it on their own web site; anybody can fill up the petition.

And online petition aren't so stupid, I remember online petition for BMO field helped a lot.

We can't slow down now,c'mon boys keep the pressure.


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The point of petition a petition--on-line or otherwise--is two-fold: First, to continue gettting the sort of attention in the media that we've been getting. We can issue all the press releases that we want, but you need a new story each time. Annoucing a petition is a new story.

Second, a targeted petition puts additional pressure on the CSA and its funders to consider or force a full review and real change.

An on-line petition is not enough, in my mind. We need people on the streets and at soccer games, we need an email thread actively going out to everyone listed in each of our address books. An on-line petition alone is too passive.

If we stated a goal of gathering 10,000 signatures, crafted a brief but clear and punchy petition, then I think that we could get some real play from this. Especially if we post a running tally on the home page of all signatures gathered.

Okay, maybe we don't need to hit the streets, but an active email campaign could spread like wildfire.

To be clear, I generally find petitions a pain in the ass, but there are real strategic advantages to our doing one.


1) Draft effective petition

2) Set-up on-line petition

3) Write article for home page

4) Write press release

5) Set-up email petition so that each of us can send the petition to friends, family, select soccer organizations etc.

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Good idea Beaver and I hope everyone can get behind this. It's basically what I was getting at above, we need new ammo for the press to run with. This could also trickle down to the soccer moms and families at the grassroots. The more people who know about the CSA and what they haven't done, the better.

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