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  1. ^ Agree on Dobson,he should approach this topic differently. Here is another article about division between CMNT fans. http://www.mlssoccer.com/news/article/2012/02/03/csas-decision-bmo-field-splits-canadian-supporters Last comment in this article shows the reality of our CMNT support . Well,Mr Graham,maybe should support CMNT because you are CANADIAN FFS.
  2. http://www.sportsnet.ca/soccer/2012/02/03/dobson_blog/
  3. The country that offered his family a safe place in their time of need was Germany.His family lived in Germany 7 years before they moved to Canada. 1999 when they moved to Canada war in Bosnia was the past(war ended 1995)he was 12 years old(JDG2 ring a bell).At least he was born in Bosnia not like JDG2 or Whoregreaves. I'm more pissed at CSA incompetence to realize the potential of young player and cap him ,than at Asmir for looking what's best for him. Now with new FIFA rules it will be even more difficult to keep decent players to play for CMNT.
  4. It is from Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asmir_Begovi%C4%87 And here too: http://translate.google.com/translate?sl=hr&ie=UTF-8&u=sportsport.ba/bh_fudbalp-19424.htm&tl=en Last sentence from this article.
  5. Recently Asmir had a chance to speak with Ciro Blaževic; about the possibility of making his debut for the Bosnian national football team. Barring any red tape from FIFA, he will do so this coming August stating,
  6. He is born in Croatia,but Serbian nationality and that why he plays in Serbia not Croatia.And if they go by the Country of his birth than, yeah it is Croatia.Or more precise Yugoslavia
  7. No,he just hates DM like most of CMNT players,for destroying a chance of their generation to do something good for Canadian soccer.
  8. That's not bizarre,that the IDIOT coach. That's the reason I back all the players that came out and said what they think about DM and CSA. We can read some comments how certain players underachieved in this WCQ,wonder why? Well, when you have an Idiot on the bench who doesn't have a clue about game tactics and than on top of that tells players to play what is not their natural position or game style,no wonder they underachieved. Only clueless and useless coach as DM would sub Hume for Radz and tell him to play defense,in a game that was must win for us. Will see how many new faces
  9. Massage is written all over the wall,but somehow CSA and some V's still don't get it.Players don't want to play under useless twat DM. Will see how many will find a excuse not to play vs Jamaica if DM is still in charge,6-8 European based players for sure. Now you can call them traitors,I call them honest,why pretend,why should they come and do favor to damn CSA and that twat DM. And if you think they should do it because of us CMNT supporters,than you are absolutely naive,after Montreal game they probably wish they played all their games away,that way they at least know what to expect.
  10. World Cup disappointment: Canada just isn't good enough We just aren’t good enough. I don’t think anyone can argue with that assessment after Canada was eliminated from World Cup qualifying with a 3-1 defeat to Honduras on Saturday evening. ... READ MORE
  11. Knight: Time to abolish the CSA With a stern 3-1 dismissal in Honduras last night, the Canadian World Cup dream has been expunged. We have about 44 months until it comes up again. There is a lot of work to do. Read more
  12. Jamaica fired their coach after 3 away games and only 1 point,and now they won vs Mexico 1-0 and have 2 home games with very good chance to qualify. AT the same time gutless and useless CSA kept clueless DM instead of getting rid of him after Mexico game and try at least something else. It not fair to blame DM only,CSA is responsible for hiring DM in the first place,and how to blame DM when we all know he has no clue whatsoever,we can blame someone who has coaching knowledge and experience and doesn't deliver result but DM,let's face it Rep U10 coaches in Canada have more clue and ideas th
  13. Agree new younger roster should be good move for next two games,but we should start with coach and than move to the team roster.
  14. dale mitchell is a turd that needs to be trimmed out of the bumhairs of the CSA.
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