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Audio Skit: The Edgars Beat up on Hargreaves


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Hey all,

Show 31 of the Canuck Report is out and in it I have adapted Cheeta's little skit about David Edgar, his dad, and Hargreaves into audio. I had so much fun making it I think it deserves its own topic. So click the above link and have a listen. If you want to skip all but the skit go to the 17th minute.

I do not, however, suggest you skip it all as this week on Meet the Vs I talk with a guy living down in Australia. Lots of fun.

Let me know what you think, please!

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quote:Originally posted by redhat

Btw, it's Olivier Occean (Oh-lee-vi-eh) not Oliver (Oh-lee-ver).

Ah yes, thanks. I still screw up every name that comes to my lips. But no more with Oh-lee-vi-eh's, thanks!

And yes Cheeta, I started OH's voice sounding like a snake (I hope) and ended with him sounding a little like a certain pop singer.:D

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