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Video of the Head Coach Announcement


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No comments yet? OK, I'll bite.

Mitchell - haven't seen him speak in a long time. Sounds more like a hockey player talking about soccer to me - he may have been nervous (i doubt it) but he came across as rather inarticulate and way too down to earth for me liking. He certainly won't be mistaken for a Wenger type anytime soon, will he? Is this another player's coach in the hiding?

Yallop - could they have posted a more smug looking picture of him than the one in that montage? Purposeful editing.

Davidson - not how I imagined him looking at all - listening to him reminds me how far he has fallen in my mind over the past year - it may be that many like me gave him so much respect before based not on the fact that he was doing the best reporting on the MNT, but the ONLY reporting on the MNT. It is hard for me not to watch his interview without picturing him walking away counting a fistful of twenties and working out how many airmiles he will be earning on CSA chartered flights in the not too distant future.

Davidson's accent - this is NOT a loaded question, but is that a spot of faded Aussie or Kiwi I detect?

Thanks for posting the video, Grizz!

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I love the internet. Nice finds.

I suppose Mitch doesn't really have a choice does he? Outside of cost, about the only angle Mitchell has over the other candidates (Simoes) is nationality so I expect that he and the CSA are now in the position where they can only justify the mans hiring on cost or nationality.

"He's cheaper." doesn't exactly translate well in the press.

So going with the flags is the only solution.

Don't get me wrong. I'm sure Mitchell would be way happier if Canada qualified for the WC than any foreigner but so what? You could say the same thing of pretty much anybody on this board. Doesn't make any of us the right man for the job. Not by a long shot.

As to Mr. Davidson. Well he's plastering it on pretty thick isn't he? But maybe he's shrugged his shoulders and gone into rah-rah mode for sanity sake. Probably good advise for all of us.

If he fails, there'll be plenty of opportunity to crucify Mitchell later.

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Very uninspiring, dull tone, way too general, no explanation of how to get there, nothing specific about his plans etc. Not impressed. Luckily this is just the first interview and nothing that is too meaningful but for what it is worth, I don't feel more confident with him in charge than the day before.

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