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  1. If I was running the Champions League there wouldnt be fourth place English teams part of it. I thought this was supposed to be CHAMPIONS' League and then you see the fourth place team winning the entire tournament. Looks lame. I would only allow the championship team across Europe joining it. Obviously I would give teams like the English, German, Spain, Italy etc leagues byes for the first few rounds rather than have them beat up the champions of Iceland. Also, the Europa Cup would only be for cup winners such as the FA cup champions and yes they could face the winner of Champions
  2. I think when a major change like this about international soccer comes down there is a lot of talk about it prior. It is not like one day everyone wakes up and it happens. Mitchell and the CSA may have or perhaps should have heard some speculation about this potential rule change and put Begovic in against Jamaica.
  3. How can they let Begovic get away? The guy announced that he will stay in Canada on the radio. Obviously he had strong loyalties to the CSA also. We had him, how can we let him get away after?
  4. I am not apologizing for the ref but I don't think that he is the only reason why we lost. There are plenty that we can improve on, we are on the right track but have a long way to go. If we blame it all on the ref and not take responsibility for our game, we will keep making the same mistakes. Also I think, Canada should bring a bit of unsportsmanship in their own game also. If Hondorus can always get away with these diving in the last minutes or at dangerous areas of the field. Why don't we attempt to do the same like Paul Peschie used to. What does our honour get us? We are suck
  5. I like how we were using some of our promising young players for this tournament and overall they seem to fit at this level. That was the biggest gain by Canada in this tournament in my opinion because we will need these youngsters in 2014 qualifying and beyond.
  6. Guppy, he made one questionable call, Canada did the rest. It wasnt bad call after bad call like say Chile vs Argentina when the u-20 world cup was in Canada. Plus usually it is kinda hard to win a game when you cant find the back of the net. Dont you think?
  7. Yeah but why does Canada full around with short corners in extra time and full around with free kicks instead of just crossing the ball also in extra time when they don't have time at all but have a clear height advantage. Very stupid!
  8. Go watch tapes from European Championships in 2000, there were absolutely brutual calls there too. Way worse than here today. It happens everywhere.
  9. Yeah but even at 0-0, we were kept to keep possession outside the danger areas while Hondurus was able to get it to some dangerous spots on the counter attack fairly easily. I think this has been a tail so far of solid defending by the back players of Hondurus and Canada's defense not matching them when needed. Hondurus gets to chances far easier, even at 0-0.
  10. I am getting sick of all this ref whinning. Yes a very odd call. However Hondurus has been doing a great job shutting us down also. We haven't even got a decent chance since the beginning of the second half. DeGuzman is doing the little things right but otherwise we have no dribbling, very uncreative passes and no urgency (we take forever to take our corner kicks even, we dont have time). Hondurus defense has been effectively stopping us all game.
  11. Is Sportsnet not showing the game again in the Pacific time zone? I don't get this. Why would they show all the games elsewhere in Canada just not here? I cant believe it is because another Mariner game now. There has to be a reason. What is it?
  12. I am not certain if there was a draw for the Gold Cup grouping but something smells fishy. The Americans and the Mexicans are in a relatively easy group while Canada's group contains four traditionally good teams. So is the plan for all the competition to eliminate each other while USA and Mexico has an easy ride reducing the chances of eliminating the glammer teams? Now likely Jamaica and El Salvador will both get eliminated not because Jamaica is the worst third place team but because they had the hardest competition out of any third place team. Also Mexico and USA being the group wi
  13. I would but I am working. Is Sportsnet Pacific showing the game on a tape delay?
  14. Is the game again not shown in the Vancouver area? Why? Is it another Mariner game? I dont get it.
  15. Is sportsnet doing any live streaming? I live in BC incase you haven't guessed. Sportsnet is in major decline but I blame the CSA for this too. It was even hard to find the World Cup qualifying as a huge fan and when I did after 30 minutes of internet searching, Mitchell's team did the rest to turn me off. I am surprised there are Canadian soccer fans left. It is impossible to know when the games are, and sometimes like even now they dont show them. The Score showed a bunch of good u-21 uefa games, the cbc showed the Confederation Cup and Sportsnet despite being a crap channel can't
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