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John Kennedy to TFC Blocked

Guest Can. in UK

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quote:Originally posted by Can. in UK


"Bhoys chief Gordon Strachan was open to the idea as he looks to get Kennedy some much-needed first-team action under his belt, but after finding out Toronto play on a plastic pitch he pulled the plug on any deal."


Sheer ignorance. Catch up with the 21st century Mr. Gordon.
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The severe injury rate on FieldTurf is 40% lower than it is on grass (1.1 versus 1.9)

Injuries with loss of time 22+ days; 7.9% of FT injuries as opposed to 14.4% of grass.

Ligament sprains were roughly the same, however the ligament tear accounted for only 3.1% of injuries on FT as opposed to 7.2% on grass. Muscular injuries on FT=14.2% Grass=8%

Injuries seemed to increase on turf when the temp. goes over 70F (70/30 split) as opposed to an even distribution on grass...hmmm.

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quote:Originally posted by Jarrek

Fieldturf does cause more injuries than natural grass. The American Journal of Sports Medicine did a study on this a couple of years back:


There have been many advances in FieldTurf technology in the last five years which suggests the data on which this study is based are obsolete for new, high-end installations such as BMO Field.
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