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The Province: do you support Vancouver's stadium?

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quote:Originally posted by DoyleG

The poll is no longer on the site.

From Friends of Soccer:

Vancouver Province Investigating Tampered Online Poll

The Vancouver Province is investigating how the online poll on their website was compromised on Friday. An online question asking whether readers support a 15,000 seat stadium in Gastown was enjoying almost 75% support until 2:45 PM. By the time the poll had closed at 4PM, the numbers had dramatically reversed to 71% opposed & 29% in support. For the result to switch that quickly, three times the number of people would have had to vote against the stadium in the final hour than had voted in the previous 11 hours the poll had been available on the site.

The Province has suspended the poll on the site with the message "Due to technical difficulties, the poll is temporarily suspended". A high level source at the newspaper revealed that no poll results would be published in the Sunday edition.

"I wish we could start talking about the more important issues regarding the stadium," said Friends of Soccer organizer Bill Currie. "To try and contrive artificial opposition to the project is just a silly waste of people's time and effort. As we know from a real scientific poll, from real public consultation, and from real letters, e-mails and phone calls to City Council, the Whitecaps Waterfront Stadium enjoys real support from real citizens."

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