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Gavin McCallum


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quote:Originally posted by Loud Mouth Soup

Why doesn't the CSA know about this kid!?!?!?!?



//heading you all off at the pass

The linked page includes a statement to the effect he performed well for the Canadian national U-18 team so clearly the CSA DOES know about him.
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Guest Jack Adams

Hi guys,

Good to see some interest in Young Gavin on here.

Being a Yeovil Town fan I've seen him play a few times for the Youths and the Reserves. Glad he's got the chance with the Pro contract.

If you want to follow his progress, I help run a Yeovil Town Forum www.ytfc.com.ytfc.mpl

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Thanks Jack and welcome.

Not sure if you're aware, but our U20 team (which is truthfully just a U19 side, but we're only looking at players eligibile for the 2007 U20 WYC which we're hosting) are playing three matches against Brazil's U20s this May. I'm hoping/expecting Gavin to figure in the team.

Should be a good test to see where our side is at in any event.



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quote:Originally posted by Richard

The linked page includes a statement to the effect he performed well for the Canadian national U-18 team so clearly the CSA DOES know about him.


Pronunciation Key (särkzm) n.

1. A cutting, often ironic remark intended to wound.

2. A form of wit that is marked by the use of sarcastic language and is intended to make its victim the butt of contempt or ridicule.

3. The use of sarcasm.

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For those of you that don't know Francois Glasman of Shooting Stars Soccer International is the one responsible for setting up young Gavin at Yeovil when he was 17.

He officially signed pro yesterday and we are waiting to receive his contract.

There are many boys like the Deguzman Brothers and Klukowski who he has helped launch their careers.There is much more news to come as there are a number of Canadian boys going on trial this year with Marseille, Lile and As Cannes.

I will keep you all posted.

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Yes, yes soccrguy65, that's all well and good.

But really, I don't see the big deal in getting someone a trial at AS Cannes, as they're not even in Ligue 2! They're currently two leagues removed from France's top flight. I mean hell, I think even I could get Tiny Tim from Dickens' 'A Christmas Carol' a trial at Cannes with some persuasion, a carton of Gauloises non-filtered cigarettes, and a six pack of Kronenbourg 1664 beer.

Marseille and LOSC, yes that's an accomplishment. But AS Cannes?

Oh and good luck to Gavin.

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Sounds like you know more about cigerettes than soccer.

It doesn't matter where you start.It's about how you get there.

For your information Zidane,Patrick Veirra,and Gail Clichy were formed at As Cannes.

So what are you saying ?

Not all Canadian players are capable of making top flight football right off the bat.Should they quit if they cannot make first division soccer ? Absolutely not!

They should get their foot in the door where their ability fits at the time,gain some confidence and then work their way up the ladder.

Yeovil Town was 4th division when Gavin joined their youth system. They got promoted in 2005/2006 and now through Gavin's hard work he has moved up to the First team.Playing in the UK also got him a call up to the U20 National team.

Gavin did go on trial with some premiere League clubs through Shooting Stars but did not succeed.If he quit or turned his nose up to a 4th division team he would not be where he is today.

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But don't you think the situation is a bit different for a Canadian player starting out in the lower tiers of a soccer league then it is for a domestic player? I would have to think a player imported would have a tougher time, as expectations would be a bit higher then on a domestic player. I would think it would be easier for a domestic player like Zidane to succeed at AS Cannes because he doesn't have as much pressure on him as would a young foreign player. Think about it. If a young Zidane screws up, he can try and find another team that would take him. But if a young Canadian were to screw up, he'd be known as the import who was brought in, but couldn't cut it. He wouldn't be the just another kid that is looking for a team, but a kid who failed. I just don't think domestic players would have such a stigma attached to them, that's all.

I mean, you wouldn't sign a foreign player if you didn't think that the player could succeed and fulfill some expectation for you now would you? Unfair or not, that import player carries that expectation with them wherever they go.

Listen whatever you do, or whomever you are, it's nice that you can get opportunities for soccer players abroad. And yes, everyone has to start somewhere. But I just think it's alot harder for an import player to make his way up the ranks then it is for a domestic. That's the only problem I had with AS Cannes. And besides, if any Canadian trialling was as good as either Zidane or Vieira, hindsight is always easy, I know, then I highly doubt he would need to trial for AS Cannes anyway.

You can take I what I say about soccer with a grain of salt, as you probably know more about it then I do. But you can't deny that the conditions for an import player to succeed and the conditions for a domestic player to succeed are a bit different. That's why I'd prefer them to start closer to the top, that's all. If they start closer to the top, it's easier for them to get a decent second chance.

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You are 100% correct.

It is not easy for any Canadian trying out in Europe.

When our boys go on trial they always hit stumbling blocks and sarcastic comments like "oh the Canadian" or the players there don't pass the ball to them or try to take them out.

However, a strong minded player will overcome those problems and keep pushing ahead.

Canada is starting to gain respect which is very good.

What I always preach to our players is before they go overseas they better be in top form and they have to be better than what is there before the club will sign.

The good thing about France is that they look long terms in developing players as they believe players explode at different periods of their career.

Look at Didier Drogba.He played at Tourcoin as a youth which is an amature club.Ended up at Lemans who was 2nd division at the time.Moved to Marseille and had a great season and now in the prime of his career at Chelsea at the age of about 27.

On a final note, you will find many lower division clubs like As Cannes and L'Havre have some of the best formation centres in France and focus more time on youth development as they know they will get a big return down the road.

Nothing is life is easy whether you are in business or trying to be a singer or movie star.

You have to be prepared to work hard and be the best that you can be.

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Thanks for the reply soccerguy65, and I'm glad you did. Sometimes on these boards, discussions very quickly break down into heated arguments for no reason.

I was flippant about AS Cannes because I assumed that the player(s) on trial would be older. If they are younger, say early teens, then yes, I have no problem with them being formed at such non-top league clubs, and actually it may even be easier because there would be less pressure on the player to justify his existence so to speak.

So I'll back-peddle a bit. Okay for younger players to go to AS Cannes, maybe not so okay with players in there late teens, as I'm sure that some things, mainly skill wise, you can't teach any more. For players in there late teens the club is probably looking to develop a player's soccer smarts instead of the ability to do mesmerizing step-overs.

Just as an aside, does F. Glasman have any contacts at AJ Auxerre? They seem to know quite a bit about developing players. They have 4 squads! Ligue 1, CFA, CFA2 and a regional squad. Mexes came to them in his early teens, and he has now blossomed into one of the better defenders in Serie A. They did a decent job with Djibril Cisse too, but the fact that he's rotting at Liverpool isn't Auxerre's fault.

Again, thanks for the banter soccerguy65. And good luck to Gavin. I hope he has the stamina, will, and toughness to persevere and make a very good career for himself.

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Not trying to offend anybody here, but I've watched Yeovil Town's first team about ten times in the last three years and watched the same number of games in North America in the last five years at the level the Lynx and the Impact play at. Not much comparison - League One in England is a far higher standard, on and off the pitch. He's better off trying to make it with Yeovil than playing in Canada, I think.

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Hi Juaninho,

Francois is connected to every club in France at every level as well as the UK.He will find a club that suits the players skills or style of play. Young Gavin is a strong fast agressive player with a powerful left foot shot so we felt the English game would suit his needs.

Secondly he has family in the UK which made the transition easier.

Francois has personal contacts with coaches at Auxerre and we have a base near there to train teams and prepare players for trials.

A good friend of his is youth director for OGC Nice so with have formed a partnership with North Scarborough soccer club which gives us the power to send 3 of their top talent payed by OGC Nice.

Another good friend of his is on the board Of Lile and another is a coach with Troyes.

He has a 30 year plus relationship with Marseille which he used his contacts to help launch Julian Deguzman's career and take young Jonathon Deguzman for an assessment there. He has composed a music CD for the supporters of Marseille too.

Francois Glasman is well respected in the UK too and has good ties with Blackburn Rovers,Manchester City,West ham and many more.

He has sent some players to Liverpool for trial and has had long meetings with Arsene Venger of Arsenal.

We have plans to bring scouts and coaches from Blackburn Rovers to look at talent in Canada this year.

We are in the process of purchasing a club in France which will give us the ability to help many more Canadians adapt to the level of soccer in Europe before they go on big trials.

Older players can still cut it at 3rd division clubs.The bottom line is that they should try to get into a situation where the club will cover all their housing expenses,transportation,some salary and bonus.

The rest is up to the player.

Remember CFA2 is 5th division and is the reserve team to Ligue 2.

So if a player works hard he could be playing Ligue 2 within months.

Same as CFA is 4th Division reserve to Ligue 1, So a player career could change overnight with hard work and a bit of luck some time.

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