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To AL........


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I know this is going to get moved and everything but please i wanna see if this it true.

I play in a soccer league in Oshawa, @ tawillager (sp?) and there is a guy on my team who knows alot about Canadian soccer.. and i foudn out tonight his name was AL, and that he was a cop......

So PLEASE, Al if u read this.. are you the AL from my soccer team??

Cause if soo thats the craziest!!!!!


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If your talking about the man who scored the opening goal tonight.. and blocked numerous shots with his aching back...then yes.

But on a serious note, I put 2 and 2 together just tonight as well.

Actually I wasent really sure what Ryans name was until he was viciously assaulted by that bald headed cyborg. ( how the hell is he anyways?, that was friggin criminal, man its great to beat a-holes ) I was thinking Ryan ..Shawn...brothers...Canadian soccer...NAAAHH couldnt be. Damm I better start steppin up my game now, my first touch is almost Garret Kusch like. Great hattrick from buddy tonight, dont know his name yet either...

My bro Gavin is the goalie, friggin played like Forrest today, and henry is the little peruvian guy on D. Only names I know.

Cant imagine how bored people must be reading this.

Yeah man, thats me, funny how that worked out.

To mid-table we RISE!!!

I can remember when TO AL Topic would be an insult to my insult. Ah the old days...

July 25th comeback tour begins. hopefully ryan is back from rehab HA

We were looking like Canada for a few games there...but the ship is comin together, get healthy brothers! we need you out there!


These refs we have are so CONCACAF it aint funny....

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Ahahahhahahahahha....Man, this makes me laugh sooooooo much.. My old mortal enemey becomes my favourite defender.... man CRAZYNESSSSS :P

Anywho, the reason this isnt on an off topic forum because im to important for an off topic forum!

PS... Jayway likes.... come on jay say it.....

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quote:Originally posted by strobe_z

And the reason you couldn't post this in the Off topic forum is?

I assume he wanted to be sure to get al's attention... Now that he has...

quote:Originally posted by al

I can remember when TO AL Topic would be an insult to my insult. Ah the old days...

That's what came to my mind as well.
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