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Brazil, Can They Be Beaten?


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quote:Originally posted by nedved9

I was watching their match against Greece and it was not even close

they schooled them. I was wondering can they be beaten. the only nation I can see that can beat them right now is Argentina. and that is it.

I think both England and France could beat them since the World Cup is in Europe. I wouldn't bet on it, but could happen. As for Germany, I don't see it. I know hosting a World Cup is a huge advantage, but they'll be totally outclassed by Brasil on any pitch, right from the forward-line to the 'keeper.

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Asking if "Brazil can be beaten?" after they beat Greece 3-0, is akin to asking if "Canada can be beaten?" after they beat Greece 3-0 in hockey.

The first and third goal were as perfect shots as they get. I had the same chance of stopping those as any goalie in the world. Besides, the third goal (the free kick) was a bs call.

The second goal the defence was sleeping, and would never had happened had Dellas been there.

I don't know what game you were watching, but it was what was expected, Brazil playing by themselves and the Greeks standing there and watching.

It doesn't make a difference how many times Ronaldhino passes the ball to himself, it doesn't make him a great player.

Actually, I think you were watching the same game as the play-by-play guy cause I don't know what he was watching. Ronaldhino or whatever the hell his name is, beat a Greek defender twice in the whole game. Every other time he was stopped. The Brazilians were taking shots from 30 yards out.

And this with two Greek defenders missing, and a striker with a broken hand. I was praying Brazil would show some mercy and score no more than 6 goals. They looked pretty beatable actually.

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Guest Jeffery S.
quote:Originally posted by amacpher

If you don't think he's a great player, you're in denial. [:o)]

Ronaldinho often disappears from matches. This year he had a mediocre first half of the season and Eto'o and Deco picked up the slack. Then he got on form in the last few months. For all that, his normal midfield passing game is often very slack, which is covered up by the fact that occasionally he does something amazing. But I'd say he is tired, and the word is that he is constantly playing hurt, he has real ankle problems and there was a report a few days ago that his lower back is hurting him as well. If he is not physically 100% it is likely that his game will fall off a lot.

In any case, someone else at Brazil should do the nuts and bolts midfield work, and someone else should be putting in the goals. All power to Mexico for the win.

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