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Lars to Ipswich??

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This raises a bit of a thought I've been nursing the last little while.

Is the willingness of English/European clubs to take on Canadians in part based on accounting? Are the cash strapped now doing to the Canadians what they've already done to many an African or Eastern European footballer with ambition?

Maybe that's sounding a bit harsh and it likely is an exaggeration but I think the point is made.

Reasonable "workers", at least those with a sign of potential, brought in for free who'll work on the relative cheap. That's not to say our lads are scabs or anything. And it's also not to say that they aren't getting anything out of the speculation by the EURO clubs (like for example Radz, Diesel, Hutch and The Guz), I'm just wondering how they stack up on average, all things being relative.

I know some fellows, like Jim Brennan, JDV or Pesch for example, certainly don't fall into this catagory of low wage working stiff. Quite the opposite. But then they all had to start somewhere now didn't they? But how about Lars? Or Simpson and Serioux? Or Dodds, Nsaliwa, Hastings and maybe even Hume?

Just wondering how much this (wages) is a factor, if any, in the signing of these "no-name" Canadians.

And if it is any sort of factor, I guess it shouldn't surprise anybody what it says about what a Canadian is willing to settle for to play football.

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