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Canadian votes for FIFA World Player 2004


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quote:Originally posted by Rivaldo

The Rooney vote reinforces my belief that Yallop has a bias for young, unproven players.

I don't know about that. The biggest event on the 2004 calender was the Euro Cup, and despite being a boy among men, Rooney played like a man among boys.

After going through the list I want to share some of the first-place votes that had me scratching my head.

Robert Pires

- Vietnam Coach

- Mexico Captain

Didier Drogba

- Togo Coach, Captain

- Malawi Coach

- Swaziland Captain

(Strange that all his First place votes come from Afica)

David Beckham

- Thailand Captain

- Singapore Coach

- Israel Captain

- Cook Islands Captain


- Mexico Coach

- China Coach, Captain

- Colombia Coach

Roberto Ayala

- Palestine Coach

- Madagascar Coach

Samuel Eto'o

- Malawi Captain

- St. Vincent & The Grenandine Captain


- Nepal Captain

- Bhutan Captain (who had Cafu, Beckham, and Oliver Kahn ranked 1-2-3)

Roy Makaay

- Poland Captain

Henrik Larsson

- Singapore Captain


- South Korea Coach

- Colombia Captain

Frank Lampard

- Iceland Captain (who just happens to be Eidur Gudjohnsen)

- Bosnia & Herzegovina Captain

Ryan Giggs

- South Korea Captain

Michael Owen

- Bolivia Coach, Captain

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