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  1. There are still so many crooks in the soccer world that it's hard to keep track. So the TTFA officials that FIFA removed are legitimately elected and probably not corrupt? CONCACAF has said they'll hold a Gold Cup place for T&T until Dec. 18.
  2. We spent all our money chasing ranking points before the pandemic?
  3. Is that Gary Neville's Soccerbox? Did Keane ever play on the same team as Radz?
  4. If they are determined to keep USA vs. Mexico in World Cup qualifying then one big group with 8 or 10 nations and a backdoor route, like they planned for 2022, for everyone else.
  5. CONCACAF intended to use their own ranking system, where Canada was in the top 6, so we stood to benefit from this terrible WCQ format. I doubt we'll ever know how much influence Montagliani had over that, but he is the President. When FIFA told them they have to use FIFA's crap rankings, that put us on the outside, and beating Haiti wouldn't have changed that. We haven't failed. We still have a chance to get in the top six, where we deserve to be.
  6. I promise I wasn't trying to get you to fork over money to read that half-baked column. I forgot about the paywall. He writes that the national women’s soccer team shouldn’t be so difficult to see on TV. Summing it up: "There’s a lot of mystery surrounding the issue of women’s soccer here. A lot of Canadians, men and women, would love to wear a Sinclair shirt, but try purchasing one. They don’t seem to exist. It’s the murky broadcast issue that sticks, mind you. Call it sneaky moves or call it just business, but it looks like women’s sports being marginalized over and over again
  7. The Globe and Mail's TV critic and sometime soccer writer, John Doyle, wrote about the lack of TV coverage for Olympic qualifying. The never-ending marginalization of women’s sports on TV His theories are mostly wrong, but I bet OneSoccer loves the publicity.
  8. This probably has been answered before, but can you remind us if the points are the same for home, away and neutral site matches?
  9. Why not? El Salvador obviously isn't going to play us, but realistically, 3-5 can't be knocked out of the top 6 and 8-10 can't make it into the top 6. They would just have the usual considerations in mind when scheduling friendlies.
  10. Funny to see Iceland think they're playing "at the Championship Soccer Stadium in Canada!" Who are the "real strength"?
  11. OneSoccer has exclusive broadcast rights in Canada to all national team tournaments organized by Concacaf, men's and women's. They mention Gold Cup and Olympic qualifying, but not World Cup qualifying so I assume that's not included. https://us6.campaign-archive.com/?u=a8a1c3422d9152f5b1199bce6&id=977c00884d
  12. If the only difference is the number of subs allowed and FIFA ranking points available, I doubt they would care much if it was official or not. It's only in the bizarro CONCACAF world where ranking points are so important.
  13. If we have a home match in March it will be in Vancouver. Canada has never (in modern history, anyway) played a home match outside BC in March or even April. No nation will agree to play a friendly in Toronto (or Edmonton, etc.) in March. The USA won't play us again so soon after the two Nations League matches.
  14. I guess 48 teams will mean the end of the hex because CONCACAF will get six spots. They could still have it for 2026 depending on what happens with places for the hosts.
  15. Denmark is playing England in London on March 31. Denmark might be willing to play Canada in England a few days before, but I don't like our chances against them. If we were further back we'd have to take that kind of risk, but I don't think we can afford to lose a match in the FIFA window with only the June window left. I don't think you can count on that motivation for Panama and Curacao to play us. They're too far behind 6th to have a realistic shot unless they can beat a couple nations ranked much higher.
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