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Work Permits


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I saw something interesting today.

Eddy Bosnar an Australian has signed a one year contract for Everton

He wasnt granted a work permit to work in the UK. He managed to get the one year contract via a

Commonwealth working holiday visa

Just wondered if anyone has heard of this type of visa before. I think it could help some of our players get contracts in the UK. Even if it is for a year. If the players did well and played on the International team then they would get a proper work permit.

If it works for the Aussies why not try it out for Canadians

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This Commonwealth work permit thing is going to be the best thing that ever happened to Canadian football. Absolutely wonderful.

Serioux hasn't been announced (I'm guessing) because I'm sure there's a little money talk still going on. But realy, what sort of transfer fee can an A-League side expect? Think the real money for the Lynx will arrive should Serioux manage to stay on in England or get sold to another club.

Adrian's success will translate into the Lynx's success (monetarily) if he pans out for Millwall.

And there's the beauty of it all. Millwall dosen't have to dish out any real cash to get the man's rights. If he dose work out I'm sure something more substantial will have to be paid but by that point Millwall will have be paying for exactly what they got. There's zero risk. He'll get a work permit 'cause he's Canadian. If he dosen't work out he'll get sent packing back home simply because his permit will have run out. The English clubs simply can't loose. The Canadian clubs may get raped a little if this catchs on. Screw MLS and their pissy wages for a short season. England here I come. Pissy wages and a long season, but oh the exsposure.

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