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Will Canada have all its starters for qualifying ?


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I hope this is not going to be a problem with other players but already we have Everton upset about Radzinski and now Mckenna !

Jun 30 2004

HEARTS could be plunged into an early-season club versus country World Cup fixture wrangle with Canada over Kevin McKenna.

Canada are due to play a CONCACAF Group B semi-final against Guatemala on August 18 and under UEFA rules players set to be involved in the tie must be released five days in advance.

Hearts boss Craig Levein is now facing the prospect of being without McKenna for the August 14 home clash with Aberdeen unless he can strike a deal with the Canadian FA.

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Well, this is one of the areas Holger was lacking in- the diplomacy. A national team coach has a delicate balancing act to perform to prevent both the club and the player from becoming disenchanted, while making sure that any compromise does not substantially impair the ability of the national team to prepare and perform. The important practical aspect is that most of the players are keen to play now, and most seem willing enough (and many strong enough in terms of their places on the club) to weather any manipulation (in multiple ways) from the club to dissuade them from their national


Given that McKenna is likely to only be a subsitute, and given the time and distance gap, I think that Yallop can live with McKenna arriving in time to be ready for practice in Vancouver first thing on the 16th. I think that for most of the roster, though, Yallop will be insistent about getting the players' full release. The five days is inclusive of travel time, so most of the time is really needed, especially for the Central American matches.

Incidentally, the time for release for friendlies (on an international calendar) is only two days. This is one major reason why there was the 4 year gap in the MNT's playing here in Canada.

The release rules: Articles 36 to 41 of the FIFA Regulations for the Status and Transfer of Players.


Note: that the clubs have to release players 14 days before a competition such as the Gold Cup. As debasing as I think the Gold Cup is, if it goes ahead next July as scheduled, it could be a useful period of time to try out new strategies, players and formations in the middle of the hex (knock on wood), if you add the training period to the competition.

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Yallop should try to avoid any conflict with his players' clubs. They pay the players' salaries and most of them are not making that much money. If a player is arriving 3 or 4 days before a qualifying game instead of 5 days because he has a league game it's alright. No big deal. Everybody should be happy. The player, the club and the MNT.

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But the UEFA World cup qualifying starts on August 18th as well. So I don't understand why clubs would make issue out of missing players from concacaf when when the European players will be involved in World cup qualifying as well.

I did not anticipate this problem, for this round of qualifying since, if you look at UEFA WCQ , the schedules are perfectly harmonized with Concacaf from August right through November 2004. So pretty much every time McKenna will away for WCQ, so will Steven Pressly and Jamie McAllister ( both are internationals for Scotland).

13-Oct-2004 Moldova - Scotland -

09-Oct-2004 Scotland - Norway -

08-Sep-2004 GLASGOW (Scotland) Scotland - Slovenia 20:00

Other Uefa matches


08-Sep-2004 VIENNA (Austria) Austria - Azerbaijan 20:30

08-Sep-2004 AMSTERDAM (Netherlands) Netherlands - Czech Republic 20:30

08-Sep-2004 GOTHENBURG (Sweden) Sweden - Croatia 20:15

08-Sep-2004 ZENICA (Bosnia-Herzegovina) Bosnia-Herzegovina - Spain 20:15

08-Sep-2004 BRATISLAVA (Slovakia) Slovakia - Liechtenstein 20:15

08-Sep-2004 OSLO (Norway) Norway - Belarus 20:00

08-Sep-2004 GLASGOW (Scotland) Scotland - Slovenia 20:00

08-Sep-2004 LUXEMBOURG (Luxembourg) Luxembourg - Latvia 20:00

08-Sep-2004 Greece - Turkey -

08-Sep-2004 Georgia - Albania -

08-Sep-2004 Kazakhstan - Ukraine -

08-Sep-2004 BASEL (Switzerland) Switzerland - Ireland Republic -

08-Sep-2004 Israel - Cyprus -

08-Sep-2004 Faroe Islands - France -

08-Sep-2004 Hungary - Iceland -

08-Sep-2004 Lithuania - San Marino -

08-Sep-2004 Wales - Northern Ireland -

08-Sep-2004 CHORZOW (Poland) Poland - England -

08-Sep-2004 Moldova - Italy -

08-Sep-2004 Portugal - Estonia -

08-Sep-2004 ANDORRA LA VELLA (Andorra) Andorra - Romania -

08-Sep-2004 Armenia - Finland -

04-Sep-2004 SAINT-DENIS (France) France - Israel 20:45

04-Sep-2004 VIENNA (Austria) Austria - England 20:30

04-Sep-2004 COPENHAGEN (Denmark) Denmark - Ukraine 20:00

04-Sep-2004 TAMPERE (Finland) Finland - Andorra 17:00

04-Sep-2004 DUBLIN (Republic of Ireland) Ireland Republic - Cyprus 15:00

04-Sep-2004 BELFAST (Northern Ireland) Northern Ireland - Poland 15:00

04-Sep-2004 Albania - Greece -

04-Sep-2004 Turkey - Georgia -

04-Sep-2004 BASEL (Switzerland) Switzerland - Faroe Islands -

04-Sep-2004 VALLETTA (Malta) Malta - Sweden -

04-Sep-2004 Croatia - Hungary -

04-Sep-2004 Iceland - Bulgaria -

04-Sep-2004 Belgium - Lithuania -

04-Sep-2004 San Marino - Serbia and Montenegro -

04-Sep-2004 Azerbaijan - Wales -

04-Sep-2004 Slovenia - Moldova -

04-Sep-2004 Italy - Norway -

04-Sep-2004 Estonia - Luxembourg -

04-Sep-2004 Latvia - Portugal -

04-Sep-2004 Russia - Slovakia -

04-Sep-2004 CRAIOVA (Romania) Romania - Macedonia FYR -

18-Aug-2004 BRATISLAVA (Slovakia) Slovakia - Luxembourg 20:15

18-Aug-2004 VADUZ (Liechtenstein) Liechtenstein - Estonia -

18-Aug-2004 BUCHAREST (Romania) Romania - Finland -

18-Aug-2004 SKOPJE (FYR Macedonia) Macedonia FYR - Armenia -

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Well, the obvious difference for us is the 10-hour flight each direction from London to Vancouver. Add on some more for those not right in London. And add on some more for the Central American matches.

And if we're playing our matches at 7pm local time, that's 3am on Brit time! So there is some benefit in arriving earlier to get the body rhythms on track.

That being said, I'm guessing that they won't ask our players to miss their matches... But we'll see...

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Clubs are ridiculous. They know, when hiring internationals from outside Europe, that they can leave for the national team games...

The CSA doesn't help. They know that they will have more difficulties to call player if the game is in the West than in the East...

Last thing : some leagues in Europe have set a rule that a club can ask to postpone a game if three internationals are with theit national team. I think it's a good compromise while waiting for a world calendar

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Everton have already stated in news reports that they may ask Frank to give Radz until immediately after the opening match at Goodison before letting him go (due mainly to no Rooney). The stories have stated teams must release players FIVE days before, not two.

We'll see what Frank does, I guess.

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Peschi should be back for first home game.

259 words

9 July 2004

Derby Evening Telegraph



© 2004 Evening Telegraph

Paul Peschisolido should be available for Derby County's early-season clash with Ipswich Town, avoiding a club-versus-country row.

There was a worry that the striker could miss the Rams' first Saturday home game on August 14 owing to international commitments with Canada.

The Canadian FA have announced the dates for their CONCACAF Group B semi-final World Cup qualifying fixtures. They are at home to Guatemala on August 18.

Under current FIFA rules, clubs must release their players five days before the fixture, meaning Peschisolido would have to leave before the Ipswich game.

But in the past, clubs have come to an arrangement allowing the player to jet out as soon as the domestic fixture is played and this appears to be the case with Canada's English-based players.

Manager of the Canadian team is Frank Yallop, an ex-Ipswich team-mate of Rams boss George Burley.

"I will discuss the matter with Frank and Paul and see what happens. Hopefully, it will sort itself out," said Burley.

Ipswich defender Jason De Vos is Canada's skipper and he has confirmed that he will be available to face the Rams.

Peschisolido played in two World Cup qualifiers against Belize last month, taking his caps for Canada to 51 and his goals tally to 10.

Canada also have World Cup qualifiers against Honduras (September 4) and Costa Rica (September 8) with return games on October 9 and 13, as well as another game against Guatemala on November 17.

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quote:Originally posted by Free kick

I thought that the world calendar was alraedy in place and was concluded and communicated by Fifa about a year ago.

yes the calander is in effect, but it does not relate to teams in the First, Second division. So it will not be much help to the players representing Canada

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