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Stadium announcement at Lynx match tomorrow


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Hey all -- thought I'd let you know that the Lynx have agreed to have their stadium announcer make a Voyageurs Cup announcement at tomorrow's match. Here's the text of the announcement:

Fans, this game is also opening game of the Voyageurs Cup competition for the Toronto Lynx. The Voyageurs Cup is awarded annually by Canada's soccer fans to the nation's top professional soccer team. For more information on the Voyageurs Cup, please go to www.voyageurscup.ca.

If anyone who attends the game can confirm whether the announcement actually gets made, that would be great.

Allez les Rouges,


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I tend to tune out the stadium announcers in any event, but it's even easier to do so now when the PA system in on such a low volume (and especially when it is trying to blare out dance music while the game is in progress).

So I didn't hear anything, but that doesn't mean that there wasn't one.

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