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Questions for Jack Warner


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Okay , when will Canadian clubs at least be invited to join the CONCACAF CHAMPIONS CUP .

Also what can we do to have a Canadian champion , to be invited to the party?

I don't want to start a whether we should send a team or not .

I just want to be invited .

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quote:Originally posted by mtlfan

Comedians please abstain


I miss all the good parties....

How about this one. Will FIFA be encouraging the New Varsity stadium venture to be built with a FieldTurf surface by allowing the 2007 U20s tourny to be played on plastic surfaces.

Loaded question. If New Varsity would qualify as a venue, wouldn't say the plastic in Winnipeg and Montreal as well?

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Hmmm...Gold Cup venues for 2005?

Any chance Gold Cup could be moved to a less congested time, ie: January, 2006 ? (unless Canada will be hosting...dya figure?)

A better question about a Canadian entry in the CONCACAF Champions Cup would be to Pipe in front of Warner....have you asked to be included in the competition ,and if not, why not?

I expect that one of the items on the agenda will be an announcement that CONCACAF will be supporting Canada's bid for the 2007 U-20's. I hope.

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