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SO boys who is coming out to support our TEAM !!!!

Lets get a number and maybe someone has come up with new cheers

How bout this one

Leader: Who's going to win the game


Leader: WHO!!!


Leader: WHO!!

Rest: The LYNX...LYNX...LYNX


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Does anyone remember last year in a home game vs. the Riverhounds where these Pittsburgh fans with drums were there? We were pissing them off so much and flew a big sign with Winfield wants noise or something. Ah good times. Hope we can create some of that atmosphere again Sunday. The underaged Ultras are coming back!

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Lynx e-mail message follows: (yeah yeah you folks don't like cheerleaders but my question is which Lynx alumni do you think will be introduced?)

Soccer Lives here! This weekend!!

Join us this weekend as we kick off our eighth season here at home, Centennial Park Stadium, on Sunday May 16th at 4:00 when we take on the Rochester Raging Rhinos. Come out and support your Toronto Lynx 2004 Squad and our new head coach, Duncan Wilde, for great pro soccer action in a fun and family-friendly atmosphere. You may not be able to afford other pro sports entertainment....but you can afford us...only $15/adult and $7.50 youth and seniors! Call us for discounted season ticket packages, partial season ticket packages, and group specials available for advance orders.

Plan to arrive by 3:30 to take in the fun and frolic of the pre-game entertainment. Have the kids interact with our Lynxster mascot. Enjoy the exuberance of the Toronto Lynx Dance team and the acrobatic talents of our New Toronto Lynx Flygirls. Don't miss all the giveaways, draws and kick- to- win contest at half time. Enjoy delicious stadium fare at our additional food concessions.

Come out and meet our Lynx alumni as they make a guest appearance and also the Toronto Lynx Junior teams as they also kick off their season.

After the game, join the team for the autographing/photographing zone and for the post game party at Montana's Cookhouse.

For more information call our ticket Manager, Richard Holmes at 416-251-4625 ext. 31 or visit us on line www.lynxsoccer.com

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Note to the Ultras - post game party is at Montana's rather the Firkin.

As for the Lynx Alumni, I know who Sean will want to see there, but I'm going to guess that we will see Brian Ashton. Perhaps Lyndon Hooper. Maybe even Mama Lynx's son! :)

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quote:Originally posted by JayWay

Why are we going to Montana's instead of the Firken?

That's where the team is going after the game, according to the press release. I suppose if we lose horribly and have no wish to talk to them after the game we can go to the Blair & Firkin. :D As for why they are going to Montana's, I have no clue.

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