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BBC: Pesch comments re pending FA Cup draw


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(relevant clip follows)

Last season's semi-finalists Sheffield United are also still involved after Paul Peschisolido's winner ended Colchester's run at Bramall Lane on Sunday.

But Peschisolido is hoping to avoid a family affair and not draw Birmingham after they drew at Sunderland.

Birmingham managing director Karren Brady is married to the Blades star, but Peschisolido said: "I just don't want Birmingham because I know the media will want silly quotes from me because of my missus.

"I will pretend they're not in it because I already get too much stick from the lads.

"Let's hope we get someone else because I won't get in too much trouble for that.

"I would most definitely rather face the likes of Manchester United or Arsenal."

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Now that draw must happen. It just must.

The potential ammunition is endless. Endless I tell yah!

The "what ifs" alone can keep me going for weeks.

What if...

Pesch. nets the winner against the run of play. In added time. To complete his 2nd half natural hat trick for the come from behind Blades victory? Hope they own a dog. 'Cause Pesch'll be borrowing his house.

Pesch. spikes Forssel, tearing his ACL and putting him out for the rest of the season? And then he brakes Savage's jaw with a cannon from outside the box? I'm sure Birmingham can replace those two no problem. It's not as though they've had scoring problems this year.

Karren and Paul get caught by The Daily Mail at half time having, as they say around the shop, "a nooner"? It could happen! Football brought these two lovebirds together you know. And it wouldn't be the 1st time someone didn't lock the press box door.;)

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Courtesy of The Guardian Fiver.


The final tie sees Sunderland or Bongo FC play Sheffield United, and

led to Neil Warnock accusing the FA suits of rigging the draw. Sort

of. "I had a feeling that it might be [bongo FC]," he snorted, as

David Davies laughed nervously. "I thought it might be ironic because

of the close ties." He's referring to Paul Peschisolido being married

to Bongo suit Karren Brady, of course. "Pesch will be doing no

interviews because every Tom, Dick and Harry will be wanting to speak

to him," grumped Warnock, striking Christmas Day and his wife's

birthday from the calendar. "I'll be banning him from doing them."

The romance of the Cup? Pah!

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Lucky little bugger!!

Sunderland take Birmingham 2-nil and will host the quarter final against their Div. 1 rivals. (Oh look. Birmingham didn't score. Again).

And it should be as intense an encounter as could be imagined. Cup glory and the psycological battle between current playoff contender, Sheffield U. and close at their heels playoff wannabes, Sunderland.

The season's getting short, Div. 1 is as tight at the top as could be expected (Yeaaah Norwich!!), and a 1st Div. side will be going to the Cup semis again this year. Man, I just love this game.

Safe money's on Arsenal pulling the double this year I think.

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